Monday, September 25, 2006

Google Promoting Homosexuality In Malaysia?

After weeks of being away from my blog, this is what I came back to...

Google felt obliged to display some local homosexual recommendations for my readers. WTF?!? I personally don't see any relation of these recommendations to the contents of any of my recent posts whatsoever. It's not that I'm against homosexuality or I am homophobic in anyway whatsoever but I thought recommendations were suppose to be related to the context of what I write? Is there something more sinister to this, Google?

And is demand that great for the Malaysian homosexual sex industry that warrants a placement of ads on Google Adsense? Not that I know of anyway since Malaysia does not condone homosexuality. It's not like Malaysia has a thriving sex industry like our neighbours up north anyway, hetero- or homosexual. Or is it that the military has taken over neighbouring Thailand through a coup d'etat that Google feels those seeking homoerotic pleasures may instead divert their attention down south to Malaysia for the time-being?

Only Google knows.


  1. actually you cant say its googles's fault, this ads themselves are made by customers themselves ...

    check out googles adwords

  2. sure, google's customers place ads using adwords but who designates the placement of those ads on the millions of participating websites?

  3. but when you click on the ads, not a single ads on homos are shown.

  4. well, not like i went exploring or anything by clicking on the links or what. just shows you that the recommendations are more irrelevant, no?

    anyway, you sound disappointed at your find... ;)

  5. the problem is: google's relevant ads are not exactly displaying relevant ads. get it now? :-/

  6. your gay ads have been there for some time...i think since your 'project happy' post. can't blame google...maybe they equalized "happy" with the word "gay" and that's how it trailed from there.

    anyways, i'm sure those ads are generating some interest, no? ;)

  7. finally, a sensible answer but still, google should have been more careful with its algorithm when equating happy with gay.

    i wouldn't know if they are attracting any interest whatsoever, really.