Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Konsortium Bus Driver Abuses Passengers

I just received this horrendous video through email and it is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. If you do not see the video below, you would require a Quicktime or RealPlayer plugin or some other players to view the file which is in 3gp format. You can also try VLC, a player that can play almost any media file including 3gp formats. You can download the video file here.

This was how a Konsortium bus driver threatened his passengers in the bus. The bus driver stopped the bus halfway and took out a wooden stick to threaten two foreign passengers who were talking a bit loud but didn't think it was wrong. In fact, this driver also threw away one of the passengers' shoe in the first place because he said passengers do not have the right to take off their shoes in the bus. He also demanded the said passenger to leave the bus.

The information of the bus are as follows:

1. Bus number PFR 8862
2. The bus is from KL to Penang (departure on 29th May 2006 at 6.30pm)
3. Incident happened at 8.12pm on 29th may 2006

As a person who depends on such travel buses to commute between cities, being a very frequent passenger on these travel buses during my undergradute days and a supporter of Konsortium buses, I find this incident appalling! It is immaterial what the foreign passengers allegedly did. It is immaterial that the bus driver was having a bad day or something like that. The bottom line is this shouldn't have happened at all. It really gives us a very bad image especially when it happens to tourists!!!

So what if they did talk quite loud that probably bothered the driver since they were seated right behind him. Isn't it their right to talk? The driver could have just politely ask them to talk softer, right? And since when are we not allowed to take off our shoes on the bus? More often than not, I would take off my shoes as I feel it is more comfortable that way (no, I don't have smelly feet or stinky socks! :P). Also, I think it helps in preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis too (if I'm not mistaken).

Whatever it is, what the driver did was totally wrong and should be ashamed of his actions. If he doesn't get reprimanded for his actions, I will be truly horrified. He has no right whatsoever to do what he did in the video. If the information provided above is correct, I hope something will be done about this.

Please forward this page to your family and friends so that more will be made aware of this incident. Maybe from now on, I will seriously consider not taking Konsortium buses anymore (although I do admit this can happen to any bus company).

UPDATE: After viewing the video again and again, trying to figure out what the driver was mumbling about in the video, it seems that he was mad that the foreigners allegedly put their feet near where his head was and became livid when the foreigners kept laughing/giggling. Another passenger was heard calming down the driver and advising the foreigners not to put their legs near the driver's head. However, that still does not justify his actions.

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  1. this is crazy. i've nvr liked konsortium. they are annoyingly commercialised. i mean what bus company have their own tv channels and play ads over and over again while the passengers are trying to get some sleep at 1am?

    i hope this gives them a real bad name. they need some re-evaluation.

  2. own tv channel? seriously?!?

    in truth, many bus companies need a revamp of their services too...but this driver must not get away with what he just did. i wonder if the affected passengers lodged a police report about the incident. they really should.

  3. Something must be done about this! I take Konsortium for my every Penang-KL-Penang trip so does my other peers. I've never seen this driver though.

    Nothing justifies his action. Something have to be done about this. They drivers are getting increasingly bold!

  4. jason, you might wanna consider another bus company from now on. at least force the hand of the company to act on this incident, right?

  5. let me tell you more black eyes of this company:

    1. they are always late
    2. they will stop their journey outside of PLUS highway into a junk place at Slim River to enjoy free food and cigarettes by forcing passenger have no choice to eat kampung food of hotel price and using a 30 cents toilet that no water.
    3. bus driver open window during journey which violates transportation rules and regulations
    4. driver smoke in the bus
    5. driver make phone calls while bus is travelling
    6. they are not polite and talk very rough.

  6. looks like they actually deserve the current bad press....overdue even!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this short video clip. It was horrible.

  8. somehow, after viewing the video again, i kinda sympathise the driver too. who knows? maybe the passengers were really trying to be cheeky with the driver. however, being a driver of an express bus kinda makes you an ambassador to our tourists and this shouldn't have happened whatever the circumstances.

  9. what a shame! we should boycott the bus company until the driver is brought to justice!Don't let the "tidak apa" culture grow. Agreed with jason :Nothing justifies his action.

  10. with this video getting some public exposure now, i believe something will be done...hopefully!

  11. i idiot driver!!~ Malaysia spirit --Malaysia BOLEH!!!!~
    what a shame!!~

  12. Yup~ the press has exposed the incident, i juz read it. Oh My Gosh....

  13. Konsortium sucks man!!!! Has the highest accident rate in Msia i think...wat is stupid bus company...the CEO need to think how to train more polite bus driver who can smile and say hello....

  14. erm...i heard it was transnational that 'won' that title....

    i had initially thought that the issue has died down and was forgotten but i guess now that it has been highlighted in some chinese dailies, it has received the desired attention.

  15. should we report this to JPJ?

  16. is jpj the right authorities to report this to? i would think a police report is more appropriate, don't you think? for physical intimidation.

  17. Anak_Malaysia_Yang_Kurus...June 04, 2006 12:18 pm

    kini semua barang nak naik harga...

    susu makin nipis, makan makin kurang, hidup makin susah...

    kini pulak ade orang nak halau duit asing keluar dari msia

    malang dan kesiannya tanah tumpah darahku...
    ada masa depan lagi ke?

  18. Can someone who knows how to do it email this video clip to the CEO of Konsortium, to make sure he is aware of this kind of "quality service" that his company is providing?

  19. If you has been using Penang public buses service daily for quite some time, you will find this happen almost once or twice a week.
    I withness once a tourist have no idea on how much the bus fare and trying to ask being "get out get out" by the driver. I believe this happen maybe everyday.
    Being a frequent traveller to oversea countries at least once or twice every month, I will not visit this place again if i have such an experience.
    A word to our government, please monitor this, big shopping complex can get in all other cities, but superb service should be our selling point.
    Do you smile today?

  20. there is an "email this post" function near the title of this post. you can use that to send to the ceo if you know the ceo's email...

    but with the newspapers highlighting it, i'm sure this issue will somehow reach his ears...

  21. haha ..jpj ?? police ?? CEO ?? wake-uplah all...
    isn't it they're all 'busy' for their 'work' ?? how's about issue this to UMXX, MCX or MIX ?? let's wait.. and see... what would happen on this 'big' case next... after 1 week, 1 month and 1 period ...........

    Once a time in somewhere... heard about a Parliment Senator shouted:
    "sini Malaysia tau tak.. kalau tak suka ... balik u punya kampung !!"

    so what's all u guys expected for ?? vision 2020 ?? 2200 ?? ..
    is it better to save more energy and have a good shout on W.Cup Germany vs Costa Rica ??

  22. i was really suprise when i watch the video. if the driver shout at them because the tourist annoyed him, i will still ok about it. but taking out a wooden stick? i think he is too much already.

    i think this incident reached ceo's ear already. maybe they don't let public know what is their action taken against that driver.

  23. I travel with Konsortium every now and then and what I can say that this company is one of the best of the breed, altho it is still sub standard compare to bus services in Singapore.

    1. Bus leaves on time
    2. Bus leaves from proper platform 4 in Pudu
    3. This company has a better ticketting system than others
    4. Ontime +/- 5%

    1. Speeding along PLUS highway
    2. Driver spend up to 1 hour for their semabayang break while leaving the passengers waiting in the bus
    3. Fill up tank before reaching terminal in Penang. Takes at least 30 minutes.

  24. i wouldn't say i would expect hearing how the company handled this case but i would guess some measure of damage control should surface soon enough.

  25. i took konsortium a few times before during my early college days. But i've decidedly stick with another company instead. My last time was last weekend. With school holidays and public holidays, pudu was packed with people. I had few choices but to board on the konsortium 12.30pm bus. Didn't want to wait any longer. It turn out to be my worst nightmare. Bus showed problems as early as it reached lembah beringin. We stopped at a rest spot in mid highway, waited for the bus to be fixed, and reached ipoh at 6pm!!! I don't quite get it. Their buses are getting worse and worse. I even heard that the bus had problems already even before we boarded. Im just greatful that i'm still alive, since the problem was from the rear tyres.

  26. Hmmm.., I started to worry after i read all the posted comments. Currently i am working at Thailand (in a University near Hat Yai), and I need to go back to KL for meetings almost every week. I always take Komsortium bus because it is comfortable and spacious. I dont have any problem with the bus from Hat Yai to KL. But..! From KL to Hat Yai, they keep stopping..! It is soooo boring.

    I am totally agree with blink4blog, the bus driver always stop at slim river to have their KAMPUNG FOOD. Walao.., come on lah.., not everyone can tahan those food leh.., somemore damn expensive..!!!

  27. thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts be it positive or negative. it does help in the discussion.

  28. It seems that all effort done by ministry of tourism for visit Malaysia can be consider pouring into the drain!Every relevant department must do something!The tidak apa besok lusa attitude will only encourage such cases happen again and again.

  29. This type of chasing away foreign tourist SamSeng attitude should not be happen.He shudn't become a bus driver where carrying hundreds of people a day from all walks of life and all over the world to and from the Pearl of Orient!he should drive a bullocart,maybe then the stick are in good use!!!

  30. Kuan Shern, do you know your blog has been featured in Sin Chew Jit Poh? Way to go man!
    We need more social-conscious people like you. Let us stand up together and protest against violence and injustice!

  31. he give malaysia a BAD NAME...this guy are like a bomb...he can letup anytime.just imaging when he going crazy while he driving.hopefully this "Sampah Masyarakat" dapat hukuman yang patut...perangai macam orang liar.bikin malu saja... SOB LMF.........

  32. I taking Konsortium Bus from Penang-KL & KL_Penang usually & i feel no problem with it as it drove quite fast(Reach KL about 5.15 AM)& very comfortable too..
    I didn't experiencing any advertisement channel on their bus as 'chloe' say...maybe there is some problem here...Maybe other company lar...They never on their tv at all....and i still wondering what's their tv used for...

    For the kampung station....when the bus reached there,i feel quite annoying BUT a lot of bus company's bus also stop there...so i think this is the action of driver only...

    Just my opinion & experience...

  33. thanks marshall for your input. at least it gives us a balanced view regarding this issue. it will only help make this discussion more relevant.

    as for the 'anonymous' that pointed out the sinchew matter (there's just too many anonymous comments), i did realise that i was getting hits from guangming and sinchew's websites but unfortunately, i can't read chinese. :P

    maybe someone is kind enough to scan and email me the original newspaper article so i can get someone to translate for me? ;)

    i will still keep the anonymous commenting option open as i appreciate everyone's input on this matter but i would appreciate it if you could just at least put a name/nick for easy reference. thanks! :)

  34. A link to your blog is also made in this web site : www.penangwatch,net. More traffic are coming....

  35. My my how unbecoming. And here we are telling the world to come visit Malaysia and this is the treatment we dish out on them? Shame on the Tourism Ministry. Wake up and smell the "not so nice smell". Just don't sit on your fat laurels and pretendt everything is fine and dandy !!

  36. @democracy4now
    thanks for the link...the video deserves more exposure.

    and just imagine next year is visit malaysia 2007! lots of work to be done....

  37. bagaimana boleh jadi "negara maju" (wawasan 2020) dengan rakyat yang bersikap sebegitu?
    kenapa Konsortium tidak mengambil pemandu dengan lebih teliti?
    nanti mungkin kerajaan akan paksa semua pemandu bus memakai lencana "saya bersikap...."....:-)

  38. The bus driver is the person standing in frontline who will meet and great the foreign tourist more than anyone of us here!Is really shameful!millions of ringgit spent on billboard,poster,advertisement,training for visit Malaysia year 2007!what a waste!I suggest the relevant ministers stop travelling to promote our country abroad,lets soft our internal problems and find way to rectify it first.No point on one hand you keep telling people how nice and good about your country while the other hand this thing happened!not only this,the hiking crime rates is also threatening not only the locals but the foreign tourist as well.No one can deny on this.

  39. another bad bus company call BANDAR ESKPRESS. yesterday i had taken this WORST bus from kl-ipoh ticket time 4pm but bus depart around 5pm .....to JALAN DUTA and some passegers from jalan duta have a same number with others so only depart after settled around 5.30pm ...have a fuel at SG BULOH taken another 20mins....what a worst bus company.

  40. that is another worst bus case happen yesterday in LCC-T to KLIA.this is a shutter bus from lcct-klia, i arrived lcc-t around 11am taken shutter bus since i arrived they charged me RM2.00(actually is RM1.50 because of driver tekan salah ticket)bus wait until 11.35am only depart this might be cause others freight passagers late .i think tourism malaysia need to take EXTRA CARE ON THIS MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( bus full with tourist or foreigner)

  41. not the 1st time these kind of incident happen!!
    In year 2003, when me and my sisters was taking express bus-Semarak from Alor Setar back to KL at night, 1 of the female passenger was left out at the Petrol Station.

  42. The driver deserfves to be sacked!

  43. (Penang)
    While there the "bus man"(Bro. Bus) incident happens in Hong Kong.Malaysian long-distance bus also happens the insident that driver intimidation passengers with wooden stick.

    A long-distance bus drivers not satisfied with two foreign passengers that talking volume too high, intimidation and even raising the wooden stick shoouted "Get out" for 4 times to drove them off the bus. Drivers's tone and behaviour as even more serious than the behaviour of "bus man" in Hong Kong.When he is holding weapons, he behaved like "Magistrate."

    1 Local man posted by a section of the video clips were mailed to him in his personal web site, . The video clip is recorded in this year on May 29 evening, a Penang car plate bus back from Kuala Lumpur to Penang & the episode occurred.

    Confrontation picture spread through e-mail Driver and two foreign men in the picture of confrontation only about 43 seconds short, but this film with the bus incident, caused enormous social repercussions. Internet users through e-mail was wave after wave to the video widely to spread. The first man was wearing a yellow t-shirt and hat drivers who believe that the volume of passengers talking way too high after parking. He put one wooden stick waving, stern voice warning two foreign men , comanded them to stop talking, or will break their heads. Foreign men who was shicked, hurriedly keep drivers apology. Drivers can not keep his anger nor accept their apology, but also expelled foreign passengers to leave the bus.

    Then, a man sitting in front involved in mediation. He advide drivers to calm down moderately by saying(Bang,sabar. Mean : brothers, cool down/relax), while also Advice foreign men to stop talking. Foreign passengers at the time also said again apologize by(Ya ya,that 's why I said sorry, that is why I said I'm sorry).

    A small storm subsided, although the driver is not happy but still continuing return to the driver's seat. However, he dowsn't know that his action has been taken by a passenger using his mobile phone & send them to friends & to public.

    Drivers had passengers away shoes According to the person who provided the data, which drivers in the incident, was that passengers do not have the right to take off shoes in the bus, while throwing out a passenger shoes. He also warned other passengers that talk loudly not to talk or will drove them down the bus. Although passengers were scared by his behaviour quietly, but no one leave the bus. The data also indicate that the bus PFR8xx2 leaveing from Kuala Lumpur to Penang at 18:30 on the same day. Drivers of this bus started this incident with 2 passengers at evening 8:12.

    According to online data, the local version of "bus Magistrate" with a wooden stick intimidate foreigners and using abusive language to scold the passengers process was a taken down by a bus passengers using mobile phone cameras. This passengers subsequently send this video by e-mail announcement to his friends, hoping that users alert and interested, the results immediately aroused the whole horse effect.

    1 Penang internet users issued his personal web site after received e-mail about this incident . Web site : http://surf-my.blogspot.com/2006/05/konsortium-bus-driver-abuses.html

    One Internet user said that the matter simply does not have happened in any passengers. Now this incident involving foreigners, would people our country & resident into disrepute. This incident expose luckily due to increasingly sophisticated mobile phone functions, assist reflect what real social events.

    This bus magistret's bus (PFR8xx2)has long shown blacklist in police headquarters and land communications headquarters.

    Land Transportation spoke person revealed that once blacklisted, the vehicles or drivers will not be allowed to renew vehicle road tax.

    Meanwhile, the Police will be launched on June 5, "six arrest warrants action" will force illegal drivers to pay their traffic tickets.
    Public can visit their website
    Http://www.jpj.gov.my/blacklist/index.shtml to check that their vehicles has been included in the black list or not. (Xingzhouribao * 2006/06/03)

  44. I really don't understand why all buses depart from KL are always LATE!!!
    I got an experience do lost my mobile phone in the konsortium bus after take a rest in half way and get back to the bus. I requested the driver for help, some how call the highway police or he is the only person have the right to do some checking, because im 100% sure the thief is 1 of a passenger in the same bus but he not even want to do some help and just said this is not his business!! I'm really upset about that!!!
    Some other bus company if you all are interested to know about my bad experience, I would like to share with you. The Yakin Express -- don't take this bus, my ticket is 6.30pm but bus keep delay until 8.00pm then they said the bus was full and advised us to wait until 8.15pm... then 8.30pm... finally got the bus at 9.30pm. In the end we arrived Penang at 3.30am. Nobody come to annouce the bus was late but they blame us didn't listen. Not even 1 passenger heard the annoucement if they do?! We up and down checking in the counter but they said we never checking!! Not resposibility, not even said sorry but keep blaming those passenger!! In the end they said:" You want to wait and just wait, otherwise you go and refund!" Some more challenge us to go and report!! This kind of services...
    Anyway, this is just my comment. Just decide by yourself what kind of bus services that you looking for...

  45. i would like to give my 2 cents worth in your comment column.it seems that, our Malaysian are so kind and by critizing the bus driver.i am totally disagree with his action, but lest we forget, he had to do so because it was insulting accoding to Malay culture.why we need to worry the tourist is afraid to come to malaysia.what had become us?

    a loads of Malaysian was treated badly when they visited america or western countries.they were humiliated upon arriving at their airport on security grounds.does that action deter our generous stupid malaysian tourists? HELL NO!

    so,please think o my TOURIST-CUM-GOD or FORTUNE GIVER, do you want your head to be stepped on?? think la woi..dun be silly be cursing the bus driver. takde rasa kesian ka?he may be rude but dont u think the tourist were rude too???THINK WITH HEAD, NOT YOUR KNEE(read it in MALAY)

    the driver must not be reprimanded for what he did.he has the right to do so!

  46. totally CRAZY!! this is sooooooo "memper-siasueh-kan"! lol..i mean this is extremely embarassing. i myself is a regular user of express bus and certainly dun wish this kind of thing to happen to me. damn! does the bus driver really know who they represent? not just bus company but also as a Malaysian, MALAYSIAN!!! if the bus driver ever happen to see the video clip played over and over, i doubt if he feels shameful or maybe..he still think it's damn right..

  47. you all have no rationale. Compalining about the bus driver. Please anyone of you give me your
    contact number and we met somewhere public like KLCC and let me put my stingky feet at your kepala.
    All the other complaint has nothing to do with what the foreigner did. Totally not cultured!

  48. It is IRRESPONSIBLE blogs like this that stirs up unnecessary unrest. Yes the bus driver is "RUDE" but what would YOU do if you were put in the same position.

    Two foreigners ignoring your requests to respect your space and not poke their stinking feet into your face.

    Tell me, HONESTLY, what would YOU do?

  49. what would going to do if I keep on sticking my stinking feet right in front you nose?
    If you pity me...will will suck my feet? or else you would not say a word...
    I say...the driver is right. And foreigner...they can suck it up...
    They also will gets same treatment if they do the same in their home country.
    However, they can make a police report and lets see...
    I would like to point out to you out there in Asia, all these foreigner, most of them are trash in their country...You dont think all foreigners are just like on TV.

    If you think they all just like ronan keating or tom cruise....wake up!

  50. @umar
    thanks for your insightful post but i think you're missing the bigger picture here.

    i agree it was insulting and it's no different for chinese, indian, japanese, korean etc cultures too. i also agree that the passengers were probably wrong but i do not agree that it was the right for the driver to intimidate the passengers, be it malaysians or foreigners, with a stick may i add. he was so close to hitting them with it! he definitely did not have to do it. there are other means to get around the situation. if the passengers were to have insulted the driver's mother, would that have given him the right to maybe kill them right there?!?

    may i remind you that tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner contributing RM33billion in 2005? we care so much about tourism and the revenue it brings that we always initiate visit malaysia campaigns like the one next year to commemorate our nation's 50th anniversary. yes, i think we do care if the tourists come or not.

    please remember tourist arrivals are not confined just to western coutries. a large chunk also comes from asean nations and the middle east. let's not be blinded by our hatred for what the US, in general and george w. bush, in particular did that we generalise that all western countries are bad.

    anyway, thanks for your comment and i do respect your perspective.

    @anonymous #47
    maybe if you had left some contact details behind, some might have been able to take up your offer! coffee on you of course...deal? ;)

    let's not call others irrationale or not cultured for having a diverging view, ok? thanks for providing a divergent view...appreciate it very much.

    @anonymous #48
    i'll tell you what i won't do instead...i won't wave a stick and threaten the passengers with it. if you think violence and physical intimidation is the right thing to do, then i do not support your view.

    i suppose 'responsible' blogs that paint a fake picture about a world that is all beautiful and dandy, bury all signs of social injustice and ignorant of the happenings in the real world will only please you. well, whatever makes you happy. :)

    @anonymous #49
    i truly hope there aren't anymore tom cruises out there! more beyonces, jennifer anistons, angelina jolies, nicole kidmans, julia roberts and jessica albas would do just fine. ;)

  51. Actually it is not only happen in long distance travel bus. It does happen in our neghbourhood bus as well.. i still remember when i was a form six student, i need to take the bus to the town everyday for stuying..there is always saw those rude, dangerous driving, speeding,and even ask money from us driver..not allow us to put bus fee into the machine..but the driver keep in the pocket by himself..i remember i don't want to give away my money to the driver, the driver then extremely angry..and want to memalukan me infront of the public..haha i am not an easy person too..i scold him back loudly..but when he see me each time waiting the bus at bus stop..he will purporselly pretent no seeing me..then drive alway. it happen in Taman University, in jb, somewhere near the UTM.Bus number 331... Be careful..friends

  52. If what is reported is true that the foreigners put their stinking feets near the bus driver's head, there is no wrong for the bus driver to scold the foreigners, but the kind of approach the bus driver is giving is totally unacceptable. What? He is going to whack the foreigners? Trying to show that "Malaysia Boleh" spirit? Maybe he is too fedup, it's understandable.


    "Konsortium Express Bus Penang office manager Abdul Aziz Abdullah said they have investigated the incident and found that the driver was not at fault."
    -- The foreigners fault, YES but what grants him to use a stick and chase the passengers/foreigners away? SAMSENG kah?

    "We would like to locate the passenger who took the video clip and explain the whole situation to him," said Abdul Aziz.
    -- The person which is not on-the-spot understands more than a person which is in the bus, and recorded the incident. GREAT!

  53. Yelled at for putting feet near bus driver's head
    07 Jun 2006
    By Lau Meisan

    JOHOR BARU: An express bus driver lost his temper when two foreign tourists placed their stinky feet next to his head. He waved a stick at them and tried to throw them off his bus. Another passenger calmed the driver down, the pair apologised, and the journey continued.

    The 43-second mobile phone video clip of the incident has been circulating on the Internet after it was posted on http://surf-my.blogspot.com/2006/05/konsortium-bus-driver-abuses.html by a blogger to whom the passenger had passed the clip.

    The Konsortium Express bus left Kuala Lumpur for Penang at 6.30pm on May 29. The video clip, recorded soon after 8pm, shows the driver, clad in a yellow shirt, waving a stick at two passengers seated behind him and shouting "keep quiet or get down!"

    The two men, apparently in shock, apologised to the driver but the driver was so livid he continued waving the stick and shouting at the two passengers.

    Another passenger approached the driver, told him to "sabar" (calm down) and told the two men to stop talking.

    The two apologised again and the dispute ended.

    Konsortium Express Bus Penang office manager Abdul Aziz Abdullah said they have investigated the incident and found that the driver was not at fault.

    "According to the driver, the two passengers took off their shoes and placed their feet near his head.

    "The driver said he repeatedly told the two to put on their shoes, as it was rude to place their stinking feet near his head.

    "The passengers totally ignored him, he got irritated, stopped the bus and ordered the two off.

    "We would like to locate the passenger who took the video clip and explain the whole situation to him," said Abdul Aziz.

    Netizens, meanwhile, have been giving their two sen worth. One of the postings reads: "Express bus drivers should be the frontliners for Malaysia's tourism industry. Is this what we are dishing out to our visitors? It's such a shame."

  54. it is unfair to condemn the bus driver while the wrong party was the tourist.

    it is very rude to put your head near somebody's head,what is more the stinky.

    dont u malaysian realized how long we were colonized by white people?and then u still wanna tolerate such a rude act?

    dun be silly?they are just ordinary tourist, not a GOD!if they dun wanna come here, to hell with them. we dun even care to get a cents of their money!they just bullshit tourist who act rude to the locals!

  55. 1) The driver is wrong when he use the stick against the passengers/tourists.

    2) Tourists/foreigners doesn't have to be westerners...

  56. dear deconsx,

    of coz tourist need not be the westerners..but i look towards this case as isolated case.

    i dun think 2 tourists can make difference.there are thousands tourist who can spread good and positive image to the world.

    as for that that particular tourist, i think they learnt a good lesson.

    dun be rude to the locals.

    way the go bus driver!u rocks!

  57. @anonymous #51
    yes, i agree that such thing also happened to neighbourhood busses. good example happened in Penang: http://penangwatch.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=87&Itemid=32

    our government spent so much money to promote tourism in Malaysia. well, tourists came and this is how our people treated them. of course the foreigners are consider rude by putting their feet above the bus driver's head. they deserves for being scolded...but not with a stick. i won't tolerate this kind of action, no matter it is to local people or tourists. don't be rude. don't forget our IMAGE. we EARN image, not BUY and it is considering how people from all over the world look at us, not just the two foreigners. be more forward looking.

  58. From Flexichat ShoutBox (www.flexihat.net) :
    " eric From Baku Says:
    What would you do if those foreigner do the same to you and they never listen to you? "

    anything we would like to comment, we finish in here. it has nothing to do with other sites. nobody there knows what u trying to continue with.

  59. hey, give suggestion. what would you do in such situation, give them ice-cream of free tickets to win them over?? LOL! Malaysia Boleh! Wuhuuu. Go Mr Bus driver.

  60. its really terrible!!! somemore to foreigners. the driver had spoilt the good name of malaysians. though its not really good all the while. real action should be taken to those bus companies n drivers. really loussy.
    i met a case where i quareled with the bus driver. i really cant tahan with his attitude all the journey.
    first, he already super late for departure. if not mistaken its 1 hours! (maybe some of you might say its usual..haha)

    second, after starting driving, he purposely drive very very very slow..you know why??? he is waiting for his fren!!! then he keep call his fren: where r u? where r u?? finally he drive too far from town alr, then he just simply stop his bus beside the high way!! just to wait for his fren. when his fren came, only i realize, his fren asking him to courier smtg for him!! wat the attitude!!! letting the customer wait like crazy just bcoz of his personal thing.

    3rd, after he get the thing from his fren, he started to speed!!!! speed until the alarm alert!!! (fyi, bus they will set a alarm to ctrl they speed.)

    4th, he smoke all the way. n you know his window is open n cause the smoke to come in the bus. though im not sitting right behind him. but did you know who is sitting behind him?? a poor little gal with bandage inhead n hand. n she is bold. i guess she was just finished a major operation. n the smoke keep blow to her side. i really so geram to see this situation!!!! really wanna scold him alr.

    5th, when almost arrive butterwoth (which is not suppose to) as it is a direct bus to island. the driver started to slow down at speed 40-50km/h. i really so geram. i observed his speedometer all the while as he sometimes damn slow, sometime damn speed n slow again.

    6th, again, he fetched his fren at butterworth there. then both of them started chatting n drive slowly...

    this time i really cant tahan alr...just critic him.

    n you knw wat he said??:---
    bus driver cant smoke ar? you know how many life in my hand ar? if i fall asleep, then you all also die la.

    wat a best answer. so there was a "war" inside the bus. n finally i "thank" him for being so sacrisfied to bring me home safely!!!

  61. I am a frequent traveler thro and fro K.L and Singapore. And I remember 1 scene with Konsortium where it happen some where 12pm at night at puduraya KL. one of the foreigner is not satisfy with the enviorment of the bus because under his sits was bunch full of rubbish. So this foreigner call the driver few times to clean it but the driver simply ignore him. At last this foreigner got angry and took several pack of the rubish and dump on the driver sit. This driver and the bus fare caller man was very angry and they scold the foreigner and hit the foreigner with a motocycle's helmet. The foreigner defence himself resulting the ticket caller not successful upon hitting the foreigner. At last this ticket caller man get very andgry and get of from the bus and bring a wooden stick just for revenge. If the bus driver have not stop him, the ticket caller man might kill the foreigner. Tell me, is this what should a human behave? Quite disappointed after that trip. Unfortunately, for that trip I am bringing my 2 years old son along and busying protecting my son from being hit during the fight. Else I would record down the whole scenery and share with everybody, because it is also putting others passenger life in danger when they are fighting in the bus. Of coz i am not blaming all bus driver nor did all ticket caller man because there are still polite people around. But this kind of people, please behave as a civilise human. Thank you.

  62. i had almost the same experience early this month when my frens and i took bus from KL to Kuala Terrenganu for Redang trip.
    The bus female conductor shout at me when we argueing " INI BUS SAYA! " ... but i did pay U!?

    It was Kesatuan Ekspress. we bought our tickets from Pudu Raya and we board the bus there. when we board our bus we told to sit not according to the number written on our tickets. and a couple in my groups were sitting at the last seats which is very uncomfortable. it will be a long journey, so i told both of them to move infront since there are empty seats left. and i was sure that our tickets are front seats.
    After that when we reach PWTC bus staion, there r still passenger boarding the bus, and they were holding the tickets which the seat number same as those tickets i bought one week before tat. then i cant stand anymore and walk infront to argue with the conductor.. and ask them to look on my tickets (they took our tickets) ... but they said our tickets were not there, THE TICKETS BOUGHT FROM PUDU RAYA IS LOCAL! WTF and ITS FREE SEATING! damit.. we pay the same price and the tickets had seat numbers on it! and now there is no prove since they took the tickets.. the female conductor started to get angry and shout at me... i thot customer always right? i still remember she shout "INI BUS SAYA!"... thats the way to threat your customer? wtf... then the driver said lets head to office.. so i follow them, but when we got down the bus.. we talked and things got settled..nvr made it to office..well she talk nicely after that which made me felt better...

    Malaysian bus driver and conductor mostly occupied by not-so-educated ppl.. so thats why things like this will always happen..

  63. i bet the foreigners were from china/india/(include uncivilised Asian country here) instead of Europe, Africa or Middle East...

  64. i think it is foolish to stereotype such behaviour with foreigners from so-called 'uncivilized Asian countries'. in fact, i believe Asians are less likely to have done such a thing. oh by the way, the Asian countries you mentioned have much richer history and established civilization than what you are trying to portray.

    anyway, regardless if the perpetrator was foreign or local, Asian or Western, male or female, what the bus driver did was ABSOLUTELY wrong. no two ways about it.

  65. A non-sastified consumerJanuary 16, 2007 7:45 pm

    Dear All, I have came to this side due to my angriness of the way I get treated fr Konsortium bus. Last time, I thought it(the Konsortium) was a good as its image shown; but after jst yesterday early morning (at 5am), that inccident wake me up and I promise will tell all of u here and my other fren for not going to tk any of Konsortium bus anymore (hopefully the power of word of mouth really works here). I jst want to share my bad luck, and hoping that with this word of mouth, it can help to pay back what I have been treated so badly on yesterday trip fr Alor Setar(fr Sahab Perdana) to Butterworh. I was taking Konsortium bus to Butterworth at 5.++am, when I was on the bus, I tried to lower down my seat so that I can rest awhile til I reach Butterworth; the moment before I managed to do it, there was one old lady speak very rudely to me: "cukup cukup, jangan rendah sangat!", I replied: " saya mau tidur" with polite, but the old lady suddenly speak with more no moral voice: " nak tidur, balik rumah tidur lah!", I felt not sastified for being threated that way then at that time, there was the bus conductor approaching...I asked the bus conducted whether I can adjust my seat to rest? the conductor answer me that u already lower down yr seat (while I am not and the seat stil sitting straight stil), I replied " saya belum adjust lagi, kerusi ni memang macam tu sejak saya duduk tadi, belum saya adjust sebab saya nak tidur?" then, immediately the bus conductor responded as if that old lady..."nak tidur, balik rumah tidur sajalah!"...what a good answer and so politely he has responded! I am not going to say anything about this matter, but guys...I jst hope that we will b more smart enough next time when using our money, pls dun spend money for such what look like a god reputation bus company while it is NOT!...tk yr precautios b4 it happen to u as what has happen to me..

    Another experience I want to share is for Plusliner company at Melacca station; and Bukit Gantang bus company; and also other bus company near u....pls dun buy any ticket that is said to u it is the ticket for that related bus company, check the bus ticket letter head name: if it is said to u that it is Plusliner bus ticket, then it should has the "Plusliner" word or even any logo printed on the ticket...if it didn't then dun't buy or u will b shift to another non-Plusliner bus when u start travelling on that day! This were all the experience I have gone thru and I promise I will more smart enough not to use these bus companies'(plus the other that all blogger hav listed in this blog)service any more in future. I jst knw I can't complain or even fight for the truth and the right, but I can change the way I chose to use them. And this going to b a very usefull tools in future if all of us as a smart consumer do the same....slowly but surely, those that provide "terrible" service with "terrible" bus driver/conductor/staff etc. will see the different one day.

    To complete my sharing here, I wish we all as the consumer, to better use our judgement and always make the right smart choice for ourself, for our family and for our future...we can't change ppl around us, but we can change ourself....that's the powerful trick!