Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tammy NYP Sex Video

Sex sells and oh boy, how people are profiteering from someone's plight at the moment. The now widely sought after sex video of 17-year-old Tammy and her boyfriend engaging in sexual intercourse on school grounds is probably the hottest stuff on the internet at the moment, at least for this part of the region.

This Singaporean girl who's from Nanyang Polytechnic had apparently left the school due to her sudden shot to fame (infamy?). The 10 minutes or so video clip was shot using her handphone probably for future viewing or something. I truly do not understand why someone would do such a thing. The pre-marital sex part I can still understand but why do you want to record your sex exploits? My friend did mention that he might consider that option in the later stages of his life when you would probably need that extra help to ignite that 'flame' between you and your lover. Hmmm....I'm actually wondering if he already has a stash of his own personal video recordings hidden somewhere. *ahem* :P

Apparently, the not-so-bad-looking cheerleader's handphone where that particular video clip was stored was stolen by her enemy out of jealousy for her popularity. The video clip was supposedly downloaded onto a computer and mass-emailed to lecturers and students of the school. The rest, as they say is history. A group of hackers even managed to retrive her personal details from the NYP database but it seems that the details exposed to the world were not actually hers (fortunately for her and her family).

It is rumoured to be a four part 'series' but I've personally seen only two. To be frank, there's really nothing to it and it was indeed very boring. If you are resourceful enough, you're sure to be able to find the video clip(s) on the internet but seriously, you'll probably be disappointed. I guess people are just curious when it comes to these things. I wouldn't say that all of those who sought for the video are perverts but more of those who are busybody and curious (including me :P).

I just cannot imagine how her family is taking this. Obviously she's distraught but I guess she can't complain much since she did consent to having sex and also recording of the video. If she's trying to portray herself as a victim, she should realise that she has only herself to blame. She made herself the victim. The problem for the guy however is if he will be prosecuted for having sex with a minor. Don't forget that she's only 17-years-old and that is definitely not the legal age for having sex, definitely not in iron-fist Singapore.

There's a rumour circulating that this whole thing was a plot hatched by none other than her boyfriend who has in his possession a 90-minute porno flick ready to hit the streets at the word go and they are using the handphone controversy and the ferocity of the blogosphere as a promotional tool to generate publicity that they could only dream of. that person who came up with such a wild conspiracy theory on crack or what? We are talking about someone going to jail for what he has done here. How then is he suppose to profit from this kind of exposure when he's behind bars? Truly outrageous!

Well, anyway I hope everyone will finally learn from this episode. It is as if the Paris Hilton incident was not enough to teach everyone how technology can be a friend and also an enemy to us and only we can ensure if it is our friend or an enemy. Please keep your private life....PRIVATE!!!

UPDATE: It seems that the girl in the homemade sex video is considered an adult and two adults having consenting sex is not wrong at all even if they wish to record their acts for future viewing. Her 21-year-old boyfriend in the video just finished his stint in the National Service and they have lodged a police report against the person who stole the handphone and upload the sex video to the internet. Under the Films Act, it is illegal to distribute, show, import, or possess any obscene video recording, whether made on a conventional camera or a mobile phone. (updated 24/02/2006)

Apparently, the video clip was not mass-emailed to the polytechnic staff or students and the acts depicted had not taken place on the school grounds as claimed earlier. (updated 28/02/2006)


  1. ya u r damm right the details are not hers.. its from my friend damm it... this sex scandel "tammy" does not have it inside her nric damm it.. those who got the details are my friend can u stop harrasing her... she got nothing to do with the sex scandel... she just a innocent party with the same name...

  2. oh pls, do you even know the meaning of harass? how is it that we are harassing your real 'tammy' friend when we don't even know who she is and she's not mentioned in anyway whatsoever?

    the person that should feel being harassed is THE person in the video, not your friend. get the facts right, dude....