Friday, November 30, 2007

My Boss Is Missing

Yes, he really is. He went off to Belgium for a conference last week and was expected to be back in the office the Monday that just passed. Today is Friday and he's still nowhere to be seen.

When he didn't show up on Monday or Tuesday, I figured it could have been jet lag that kept him from coming to the office. When he still didn't turn up on Wednesday or Thursday, it became a little weird. When he still didn't show up today and can't even be contacted, his absence became worrisome.

Most people would be happy if their bosses were not around but the thing is, I'm kinda bored of having nothing much to do in the lab. I'm sure he didn't have that in mind when he decided to hire me to help out in the lab. Also, there's my thesis that he has to check for me to complete my master's degree and the necessary forms to sign for me to get paid!

Here are some probabilities that I've drawn up to explain his absence:
  1. He decided to take an extra week off.
  2. He lost/was robbed of his passport or flight tickets and is now stuck in Belgium.
  3. He got on the wrong flight and is now stranded in some strange country.
  4. He fell in love with some Belgian chick and decided to start a new life there.
  5. He's currently swimming in a pool of Belgian chocolates and enjoying every second of it.
I can think of plenty more but I believe the five above are the most probable. I can't eat Belgian chocolates the same way anymore after #5. :P

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Casanova? Who, Me?!?

I attended a friend's wedding recently and like all such weddings, you get the chance to meet up with old friends. When I informed them that I didn't bring along a partner because I was unattached at the moment, a friend of mine was quite surprised with the idea of me being single. The reason? She had always thought of me being a Casanova during our schooling days. Casanova? Who, me?!?


Frankly, I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted with that statement. The good thing about being labeled a Casanova is that you're a hot item among women and they will drop like flies just by walking past them. OK, I admit I do have a few admirers and I do possess a certain degree of attraction from the XX-chromosome community *ahem*. However, it is nothing close to a Casanova-esque following that if there was to be a queue of my admirers lining up just to get a sniff of my aromatherapy armpits, it will stretch the length of Penang Bridge a few times over. No, I'm not that popular and I do not emit that high degree of attraction. I can assure you there are plenty more candidates that fulfill such criteria from my schooling days and I don't even come close to smelling the fart they release for us losers behind them.

The bad thing about being labeled a Casanova is his notoriety as a promiscuous lover or put more bluntly, a womaniser. I for one cannot find myself to be in such a situation whereby I have to handle more than one woman at the same time. I already have problems handling a single woman let alone two or thirty-seven. I just cannot fathom the idea of having to juggle between two lovers, both inching to bite my head off. I do have only one head to bite off, no?

So, I'm not exactly sure what she meant by me being a Casanova. Did she see me as someone countless women will wage war just to have a strand of my hair (or what's left of it) or a notorious womaniser that jumps from one lover to another? I can assure you I definitely do not have his prowess of seduction let alone come close to emulating the infamous Casanova. I also do not intend to create a huge problem for myself by being in control of two or more women. So what is it that she sees in me that makes me a Casanova?

In all honesty, I'm not that surprised when she shot that statement my way. The reason being this is not the first time I've heard such a comment about me. Maybe that's why some women have kept their distances from me, thinking I'm some sort of reincarnation of the legendary Casanova. So you see, it's not exactly something flattering to be labeled a Casanova. In fact, it's a curse. Unless you're the real Casanova, of course.

Come on now and be honest, do I look anything like a womaniser or bigamist? (OK, maybe not that honest :P)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank You

by Roger Moore

"Thank You" music video by Roger Moore
I just wanna tell you what I'm thinkin'
someting from the heart from me to you
how I feel inside it's hard to see it
but I want to show my gratitude

Coz there's nothing that I wouldn't do
to try to show my feelings
I just want to tell you face to face
you're the reason I'm here singin'

Wanna thank you
for never ever loosin' faith
I just wanna thank you
for always tryin' to keep me safe
Coz I just wanna show my thanks and gratitude
you never stopped believin'
wanna thank you
for never ever loosin' faith
I sing for you

You're the one who never stop believin'
when I thought that everything was through
you inspired me to live my dreams and
understand that they can all come true

I just wanna show
that I really know
who is gonna be there through the highs and lows
this is something I truly believe
you helped me to find what is my destiny
this is how I feel for real

Just wanna say thank you to everyone who made today extra special. As if it wasn't already special enough! :P To all those who wished me a happy birthday, this song is for you. Thank you all for remembering, thank you for all the greetings, thank you for the cards, thank you for the gifts, thank you for everything. I hope all of you had a wonderful day. Have you noticed? It didn't rain today! Even the sun came out for me. ;)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PDE 2914 = Snatch Thief

My mom nearly had an early birthday gift last week in the shape of cuts and bruises, gifted by none other than a snatch thief riding probably a Yamaha RXZ motorbike with the number plate PDE 2914.

It happened just right in front of my grandparents' place at Green Garden at around 7.30pm on Sunday, 28th October 2007. I've just parked the car and we were about to cross the street when I was surprised to suddenly find a motorbike (with his lights turned off) appear right next to me. I quickly took a step backwards to avoid the motorbike when suddenly I heard my mom shouted. I asked her what was wrong and she said the motorcyclist tried to snatch her pouch. Fortunately she was holding on to it tightly and she felt something amiss with the motorbike that so nearly knocked me down. Also, I probably made the motorcyclist lose his concentration when I suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

By that time, the motorbike was about 50m away but surprisingly, he didn't speed away. He acted so casually and rode off slowly as if nothing happened. We were unable to catch the number plate then as it was quite a distance away and he had his lights still turned off. I've a feeling he probably didn't want to arouse any suspicion by speeding off. Apparently, we were told by our relatives that there had already been many snatch thief cases around the area. Fortunately, nothing happened in my mom's situation.

The most recent Sunday, we went to my grandparents' place as usual at about the same time. As fate would have it, we spotted the motorcyclist at the same spot, at the same time as last week! I immediately took down his number plate. I really had the urge to knock him down with the car but that would be really silly when we had no proof he's a snatch thief and it would cause damage to the car for no apparent reason, so I decided not to.

As we were about to enter the gates of my grandparents' house, he made a U-turn (probably looking for preys) and I had a good look of his face. He was probably curious at why someone was staring at him, so he stared back and that gave me a better view of his face. He was a burly Malay guy with a moustache and wore a dark coloured jacket (probably black leather). My aunt has reported to the assemblyman which has an office on the very same street and I've reported to Rakan Cop about this guy.

I'm not expecting much to happen from them really. That's why I'm posting this up to warn everyone about this menace riding what looks like a Yamaha RXZ motorbike with the number plate PDE 2914, which preys the residential streets of Green Garden (and possibly other nearby locations too). Be extra careful when you are around this area and if you do see this motorbike ridden by a burly Malay guy with a moustache wearing a dark leather jacket, he is most likely the snatch thief referred to here.

Feel free to pass this message around to whoever who you think would benefit from knowing about this.