Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lakme India Fashion Week: Wardrobe Malfunction Galore

If you think Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl halftime show back in February 2004 was bad, there's something to top that now. Cue Lakme India Fashion Week. Look at this video below and see if you can spot anything wrong with the wardrobe of this model doing the catwalk.

You can see at the end of the video that Gauhar Khan, the model in the video, has a zipper malfunction and that caused her wardrobe to be undone. That must have been an awful blooper, no? If you think that was bad, look at the next video.

Now, THAT is one major blooper! Poor Carol Gracias. You can see how shocked she was from her facial expression after her top was undone on the ramp during her catwalk!!! You can see why the authorities had thought the wardrobe malfunctions were intentional especially when there were TWO instances with one as glaring as in Carol Gracias' case! Fortunately, the authorities cleared them of any wrongdoing but gave a stern warning against any such behaviour in the future.

I dread the day that such a thing would to happen in Malaysia. It would cause such an uproar and will be exploited by various parties for their own personal gain. I pray that day never comes.

(picture from MSNBC)


  1. whatever happened with carol gracias and gauhar khan usualy happens with the models . models who have to do whatever designer wants and they earn for it and even if they are asked to go topless or nude in the ramp they have to go its profession and if you cant do it none asks you to come in this profession . in most of the countries except gulf countries models dont have any problems in being topless then why in india are we adopting muslim culture ????

  2. thanks for your insight, sushil...but i don't have an answer to that either...

  3. According to me "I feel making beautiful clothes is an art and it requires creativity and time, to make somebody look beautiful".

    Roli Singh