Tuesday, December 13, 2005

She's Malay...So What?!?

Somehow, the police abuse MMS fiasco has veered out of control and have totally lost focus on the issue at hand. How is the nationality/ethnicity important in this case? She's a local Malay and not a Chinese national. So what?!?

News did get out awhile back that the woman in the infamous MMS doing ear-squats in the nude is not a Chinese national as earlier reported but a local Malay. It was mostly rumours then but the inquiry has confirmed that she's a local Malay on the second day of their investigations. How is it that it is less wrong if it is not a Chinese national? Even if she was Mongolian or Filipino or Indian or African or Russian or Japanese, does it make the unethical 'standard procedure' less or more wrong? No!

The issue at hand still remains that doing ear-squats in the nude is totally wrong and should be discontinued. The police shouldn't have resorted to such a demeaning act in the first place. Worse still, it's not a written law/directive/procedure...it's just a 'standard procedure' that they adhere to. WTF?!? This reader hit the target with his letter to the editor when he questioned the rationale of pulling ears during squats. The other problem is, how was someone able to access the room from a window or opening and record the video-clip? Who was it behind the camera/mobile phone? What was his/her intention? To expose this inhumane 'standard procedure' or just to satisfy someone's lust?

Also, now it seems that a police officer was showed the infamous MMS some months back! What?!? And nothing was done at all? There are so many other important questions left unanswered. How is it that the nationality/ethnicity is more important than those issues? It's only the second day of the inquiry. I hope they do better in the coming days.


  1. it's getting from bad to worse, no?

  2. ahh...you wrote that letter. :P why anonymous la?

  3. it's not me la...i won't write anonymously one...