Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gift Baskets For Purim

If you're a candy lover and Jewish you'll want to read more about this. Today, I'll be writing about Purim Baskets.

Shalach Manos is a traditional gift that one sends to the other on Purim day. So what exactly is this Purim day? Purim is a rabbinically ordained Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people from Haman's plot to annihilate all of them in the ancient Persian Empire as recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther. Purim is celebrated annually according to the Hebrew calendar on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar, the day following the victory of the Jews over their enemies which was on the 13 day of Adar. This year it will be celebrated on the 20th of March 2008.

It's an Oh! Nuts tradition to bring you the most up-to-date designed Shalach Monos and Purim Gifts Basket (Mishloach Manot) at the most reasonable prices. This Purim 2008 extra effort is made to ensure that all of their Purim Baskets are packed with only the highest quality Kosher candy, nuts and chocolate.

If you prefer trays to baskets, they have several selections of that too and all of them look really tempting. There's just so much a paid review can tell you so why don't you just visit their website for a look-around yourself and see what they have to offer.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Gimme More Of Britney's Piece Of Me

"Gimme More" music video by Britney Spears

It's Britney, BITCH! She's not exactly having a great time at the moment, what with losing custody of her kids, having to visit a shrink, seeking help for her drug and alcohol addiction/abuse and who knows what other nonsense she got herself into. She's becoming like the female version of Michael Jackson with her wacky ways!

But it's not all of those stuff that I'm focusing on. It's her bread and butter that I wish to discuss here - her music and her dancing. Her latest releases is not that bad really. In fact, they are quite catchy tunes. However, it really tells you so much about a person when they have to start the song by introducing themselves in the most crude way possible. What's more, you have the nerve of calling yourself the legendary Miss Britney Spears?!? What are you legendary for? Messing up your great life?

"Piece Of Me" music video by Britney Spears

She's known for her choreography too and by looking at these two music videos, you know she's lost it. Sure, she just gave birth to her child not so long back and everybody understands that but maybe that's what everyone is trying to say to her, stay on in your maternity absence until you are ready to perform again! Don't come out half-baked and looking like a walrus trying to shake all that unsightly flab around. You're just killing your image and spoiling the appetite of millions of fans.

I enjoy listening to her latest songs but everytime I hear them, I'm reminded of this horrid performance of hers at the 2007 VMA presentation. Remember, it is a VIDEO MUSIC award presentation and she definitely chose the wrong time to make her comeback especially looking like that, dressing like that and performing like that!

Now that is something you really want to forget! No, Britney...I don't think anyone wants more of you right now. You have definitely given us TOO much of yourself for our liking. I don't think anyone wants a piece of you either at this moment in time. Please excuse me as I run over to Tesco to grab myself some much needed Clorox to wash all of that out of my brain!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Get Paid To Sign Up!

The chase for money is on every person's mind. Who is blaming them anyway considering money is essentially needed for practically everything these days. You'll be surprised the lengths some people will go to earn a dollar or two and that includes the flesh trade which is getting ever so popular nowadays.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to earn some extra cash which doesn't involve selling your kidneys or dignity. One of it is even as easy as just signing up! Yup, get paid to sign up! Simple enough? Head on over to MetaPaid then.

It's really very easy. First, enter your email address to begin the registration process. After you've completed the registration process, you'll enter the Member's Area where you can browse through the available offers for you to earn cash. It's free to join and you get paid fast too. They pay every 1st and 15th of the month.

The only problem for me is, they only cater to members from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. I do hope they plan to expand the membership worldwide soon. Anyways, if you're interested and eligible to participate, drop by the site to have a look yourself. There's just so much a paid review can tell you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wedding Speeches

It's becoming a trend nowadays for the bride and groom to give wedding speeches during their wedding dinners, even for Asian receptions. I've quite a number of friends having their wedding receptions this year and they'll probably find this site useful.

The site I'm referring to is Francesco Vitetta wedding speeches. It is a site which contains some nice wedding speeches that you can refer to. I'm not saying you should just take the samples whole-piece since a wedding speech should by right come from the heart but at least they can be used as some sort of a guideline for you to compose that sweet wedding speech that would melt hearts and make the night more memorable.

Sure, you'll have to purchase the e-book but isn't 29 Euroes money well spent if it doesn't make you sound like a total nincompoop on stage on your special day? I've heard a fair share of wedding toasts and speeches and trust me, quite a few of them would have benefited from some sort of help such as the one provided by this e-book. So what are you waiting for? There's just so much information you can get from a paid review. Visit the site to find out more yourself!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bulk Candy

For all those candy lovers out there or whoever has a sweet tooth (like me) - this post is for you. Even if you have no intention of buying candy at the moment, I assure you will enjoy yourself going through the selection available at this site. In fact, you'll be very tempted to purchase some yourself! I know I nearly did. :P

So what site am I referring to? The site really has a catchy name - Oh Nuts! and it's a wonderful place where you can buy candy in bulk. Among the candies they have to offer are Jordan Almonds Candy, Hard Candies, Gummies, Lollipops, Jelly Bean Candy, Licorice Candy, Bubblegum and Chocolate Candy.

My ultimate favourite are Gummies and Lollipops. They really have a wide selection of gummies and lollipops to choose from. Some of you would know by now about my liking for gummy bears. They are so chewy and addictive. Before you know it, you've finished a whole bag of them bears! I particularly love biting their heads of first. It's not some psycho-sadistic behaviour, I assure you. ;)

I was salivating as I browsed through their site. I kid you not. They have the tastiest looking candies all in one place. Don't just trust everything you read in a paid review. Drop by their site to evaluate for yourself!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!!! May the Year of the Rat bring you much happiness and good health! Wealth will know how to find its way to you when you're happy and healthy. All the best for the year ahead!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Orang Minyak In USM

The latest buzz at the main campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) here in Penang since last week has to be news regarding the numerous cases of rape and molestation (supposedly as high as four so far) by the supposedly supernatural being Orang Minyak (oily man). Other newspapers have picked up on the story a few days back but The Star only featured the story today.

All abuzz over oily man

While not many in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) are taking the stories of an orang minyak (oily man) preying on female students seriously, some of them have begun taking extra safety precautions on their own.

The main campus has been abuzz over the last few days with talk that an oily man had broken into several hostels and raped female students.

USM acting vice-chancellor Prof Ahmad Syukri Mustapa Kamal said so far, the authorities had yet to receive any reports of rape or sightings by students.

"USM is working closely with the police to ensure the security of the campus. We appeal for people to refrain from spreading rumours about rape cases that have been found to be baseless," he said in a press statement.

Security has been stepped up at the entrances with closed-circuit TV camera surveillance and 24-hour patrols conducted by guards and hostel authorities.

Female students are taking better care of themselves.

"Students are saying that the orang minyak is raping girls to improve his prowess in black magic, but whatever the reason, we are very concerned," said second-year communications student Nur Farahiyah Mhd Taib, 21, who stays in a hostel on campus.

She said the girls were now staying together in big groups at their hostels or when walking back from meetings at night.

Course mate V. Kumutha, 22, said the girls in her hostel also had a meeting with the hostel committee.

"They advised us to keep safe and also taught some of the girls prayers to deter the oily man," she said.

Some students had gone to the extent of vacating the campus hostels during the night.

"For the last two days, many people have been sleeping over with friends who live off campus," said second-year management student C.P. Teng, 22.

In all seriousness, I don't believe that the orang minyak is a supernatural being at all. To me, it is just a horny bastard who loves to run around naked with his body all greased up in oil, preying on innocent (virgin) women (and men). Yes, there have been cases of men (a security guard in fact) being sodomised by the orang minyak before. The orang minyak must be really horny that day or just couldn't differentiate between a guy and a gal.

The orang minyak chooses to go full monty and cover his whole body with grease or oil is actually to facilitate his escape. Without any clothing on him for you to grab him by and his whole body fully greased, you'll have a very hard time to catch the horny bastard. Some will resort to black grease to use as a camouflage in the dark and to avoid recognition.

It has been said that the orang minyak has mystical powers and you will feel light-headed when he has chosen you as his prey. To me, that's a whole load of crap. With chemicals widely available on campus, the orang minyak probably used acetone, chloroform or some other chemicals to knock his victims unconscious. Such chemicals aren't exactly that hard to come by in the open market either.

There are claims that the orang minyak could walk through walls too while escaping. To me, it is probably the victims being too high from the fumes used to knock them out (and/or their first orgasmic experience with the orang minyak) to actually think coherently.

I really hope it is all not true and just the creation of some undergraduate who is too free at the moment and has an overly active imagination. This is of course for the safety of everyone in USM (both male and female) as there's definitely a heightened atmosphere of fear here in USM at the moment.

After all, the USM administration claims it is all just rumours since no one has come forward to report any such cases or substantiate these claims. If that is the case, care to explain the increased security checks at every entrance/exit points of USM? If there's no fire, there's no smoke. Also, which rape victim would actually come forward to subject themselves to more shame? As much as I plead for rape victims to come forward to bring the animals that attacked them to justice, many would rather not go through the whole ordeal of shame all over again. That is the sad reality not just here in Malaysia but everywhere else around the world.

Also, is there a link between this and the allegedly person who committed suicide at University Heights recently? Was it a student? Was it a victim of the orang minyak? Is there any connection at all? It is really strange that no reports were picked up regarding the alleged University Heights suicide even in the Chinese dailies.

Orang minyak or no orang minyak, this has been a somewhat good distraction for the mundane life of university students. It has proven to be a very popular topic during lunchtime and tea breaks. For the sake of everyone in USM, I do hope it is just some cheeky undergraduate trying to spice up everyone's life.

However, if the cases are actually true, then the culprit(s) should be hunted down and since they love to run around naked, we shall fulfill their wishes by parading them all around campus without a piece of cloth to cover any part of their body. I wonder how big they will think of themselves then.