Saturday, February 10, 2007

Penang Good Food Guide (Part 2)

Penang has always been famous for its good food. It's no exaggeration when we Penangites say we have the best food here. We're not being arrogant, we're just stating the facts and we will always defend the food here. So, you should know what you're up against when you openly challenge Penang's status as the food capital of Malaysia (if not the world). You just don't poke a lion with a stick, do you? You know you'll face certain death and it's the same when you challenge Penangites about their food. If you've not read Part 1 of this series, you may want to read it first.

From the newly opened New World Park food court, we now go to another famous makan place to find delicious Char Koay Teow. The place to find really good Char Koay Teow is at New Lane (off Macalister Road) where Sunway Hotel Georgetown is situated.

New Lane

Again, you will find many stalls selling the same stuff but only one that is exceptionally good. The famous Char Koay Teow stall is quite hidden so you may have to go around searching for it but trust me, it will be worth the while. Look out for this stall selling Popiah.

New Lane Char Koay Teow

The Char Koay Teow stall is right behind it. One plate will set you back FOUR BUCKS but worth every sen of it. The portion is quite small but at least that will ensure there's still space for other delicious food, no? Oh, and if anyone comes up to you asking if you would like Fried Oyster, reject her on the spot! Her Fried Oyster is simply horrible!

You may have heard of the Two Sisters Char Koay Teow on the other side of Macalister Road but seriously, they are so overrated. The one in Lorong Selamat is not so bad but too snobish for my liking. Actually there is this famous roadside stall selling Char Koay Teow along Anson Road (opposite Ban Hin Bee) that is cooked over a charcoal stove. I tell you there is no way you can get such delectable Char Koay Teow as the one found at this stall anywhere on Earth. Unfortunately, after many attempts I didn't manage to find the stall open. Even my grandparents continue to crave over this Char Koay Teow!

The stalls at New Lane will only open at night. Same goes to this place where you can find one of the best (if not the best) Wan Than Mee and Curry Mee on the island. This place is on Chulia Street, nearer to the Kapitan Keling Mosque.

Chulia Street

Look out for these two stalls next to each other for they are the famous ones. The old lady selling Wan Than Mee and the old man selling Curry Mee.

Chulia Street Wan Than Mee

Chulia Street Curry Mee

The Wan Than Mee comes with fried lard which is the most important ingredient in making any food tasty. Not very good for the heart but definitely good for your taste buds and the soul, and it only costs RM2.20.

Chulia Street Wan Than Mee

You should find a table right behind the Curry Mee stall. Although both the stalls are equally as busy, the Curry Mee stall will easily forget your orders so sitting behind them and constantly reminding them will ensure you get your food. One bowl is only RM2.30 but do remember to check that you're given the right change. They are known to forget giving back your change! You may want to call for the Nutmeg Juice from the fruit juice stall next to the Curry Mee stall. Nutmeg is sort of the official state fruit of Penang.

Chulia Street Curry Mee

You'll find another two stalls down the road (nearer to the mosque) but with less customers. Can you see a pattern developing here? If the food is good and famous, you would most likely find two stalls of the same food trying to get your business. I guess the less famous stall is just hoping for spillover customers.

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