Friday, November 30, 2007

My Boss Is Missing

Yes, he really is. He went off to Belgium for a conference last week and was expected to be back in the office the Monday that just passed. Today is Friday and he's still nowhere to be seen.

When he didn't show up on Monday or Tuesday, I figured it could have been jet lag that kept him from coming to the office. When he still didn't turn up on Wednesday or Thursday, it became a little weird. When he still didn't show up today and can't even be contacted, his absence became worrisome.

Most people would be happy if their bosses were not around but the thing is, I'm kinda bored of having nothing much to do in the lab. I'm sure he didn't have that in mind when he decided to hire me to help out in the lab. Also, there's my thesis that he has to check for me to complete my master's degree and the necessary forms to sign for me to get paid!

Here are some probabilities that I've drawn up to explain his absence:
  1. He decided to take an extra week off.
  2. He lost/was robbed of his passport or flight tickets and is now stuck in Belgium.
  3. He got on the wrong flight and is now stranded in some strange country.
  4. He fell in love with some Belgian chick and decided to start a new life there.
  5. He's currently swimming in a pool of Belgian chocolates and enjoying every second of it.
I can think of plenty more but I believe the five above are the most probable. I can't eat Belgian chocolates the same way anymore after #5. :P


  1. BOOOooo!

    You're more worried he's not around to sign your paycheque.


  2. He might have taken an extra week off to visit the neighboring European countries.

    Completed your Master's Degree? Good for you!

  3. he's sick of u guys...decided to stay away and not return!

    [poor guy!hope he's ok]

  4. @shadowfox
    hahaha...aren't we all? ;)

    maybe...but i'm still sticking with #4... :P

    guess what! already received some emails from him. can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing... :P