Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Gimme More Of Britney's Piece Of Me

"Gimme More" music video by Britney Spears

It's Britney, BITCH! She's not exactly having a great time at the moment, what with losing custody of her kids, having to visit a shrink, seeking help for her drug and alcohol addiction/abuse and who knows what other nonsense she got herself into. She's becoming like the female version of Michael Jackson with her wacky ways!

But it's not all of those stuff that I'm focusing on. It's her bread and butter that I wish to discuss here - her music and her dancing. Her latest releases is not that bad really. In fact, they are quite catchy tunes. However, it really tells you so much about a person when they have to start the song by introducing themselves in the most crude way possible. What's more, you have the nerve of calling yourself the legendary Miss Britney Spears?!? What are you legendary for? Messing up your great life?

"Piece Of Me" music video by Britney Spears

She's known for her choreography too and by looking at these two music videos, you know she's lost it. Sure, she just gave birth to her child not so long back and everybody understands that but maybe that's what everyone is trying to say to her, stay on in your maternity absence until you are ready to perform again! Don't come out half-baked and looking like a walrus trying to shake all that unsightly flab around. You're just killing your image and spoiling the appetite of millions of fans.

I enjoy listening to her latest songs but everytime I hear them, I'm reminded of this horrid performance of hers at the 2007 VMA presentation. Remember, it is a VIDEO MUSIC award presentation and she definitely chose the wrong time to make her comeback especially looking like that, dressing like that and performing like that!

Now that is something you really want to forget! No, Britney...I don't think anyone wants more of you right now. You have definitely given us TOO much of yourself for our liking. I don't think anyone wants a piece of you either at this moment in time. Please excuse me as I run over to Tesco to grab myself some much needed Clorox to wash all of that out of my brain!

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