Monday, September 29, 2008

State Of Neglect

Let me start this entry by saying this - I've been away for far too long and I'm really sorry.

I can list a hundred and one reasons and/or excuses for the current condition of my blog but nothing will change the fact that my blog is in a sorry state of neglect and the one responsible for it is none other than me. Even the YouTube video of David Archuleta's Longer has been stuck there on my blog longer than I can remember.

Work and fatigue are definitely at the top of the list along with lazy and uninspired but the thing is, there have been times when I've been on blogging hiatuses before but never this long. What gives then? What I realise is, the reason for the recent MIA is probably down to me not finding a reason to blog. It's as simple as that, I had no reason to blog.

There are many reasons I blog; an avenue for me to put forward my thoughts, a way to update my friends on my status, a therapeutic way for me to release tension, as a means of income generation and also a few other reasons. During my hiatus, I've found other means of satisfying those needs. I was able to share my thoughts more effectively in person instead of in words. I was also able to meet up with friends, make calls and/or hang out with them more often. During that time, I was also seeing some healthy income stream although it did mean more work and expenditure involved. All of that culminated in me not needing any therapeutic blogging sessions.

Although I do sincerely regret leaving my loyal readers on a lurch (JSYK withdrawal syndrome, anyone?), I dare not say that I will blog more frequently from now on although theoretically, I will probably have more time on my hands, at least for the next few weeks (maybe months). What I'm sure of is the situation can't get any worse than it is now and hopefully you'll at least get sporadic updates now and then instead of a long unannounced hiatus.

Let's get on with some updates now, shall we?

I'm hoping you're not expecting a full update as you should know that I don't exactly reveal everything on my blog. In fact, I don't even reveal all in real life, what more in cyberspace, right? When I'm asked what I'm doing now, the truth is I don't know how to answer that question. This is very much down to me not knowing what I'm doing myself. I've taken so many projects onboard, sometimes I'm amazed I've still not gone nuts yet but I've a feeling I'm not too far away. :P

Suffice to say, it's been a balancing act for me to keep myself afloat with all those projects I've gotten involved in and everytime I thought I've got my act together, things start to fall apart and I've to start all over again. However, I'm glad to announce that things are looking up from now on (I hope) and I'll probably have more time to myself after this, depending on how things pan out of course.

I was able to catch-up with some friends while I was in KL for MAHA 2008 last month. Also, I was fortunate enough to make some new friends during that time. It really felt good, the meeting old friends and making new friends part, not the exhibition though. At times, it really seemed worse than watching paint dry. Seriously. Thanks again to all who made life that much more bearable during my time in KL. :)

The most major update has definitely got to be me caving in and finally getting myself a Facebook account. As you all may already know, I'm not exactly a fan of social networking sites. I've held back for so long but like always, the flesh is weak and I'll create an account nonetheless. To be honest, I find it to be very refreshing and therapeutic. I've read and heard so much about it but dared not take the leap since I already don't have that much time as it is. It's been a month since and the feeling's starting to wear off but I have to admit that this is the only social networking site that I login to day after day. I do believe this will continue for some time to come. This has never happened with Friendster, Hi5 or the others before so you know there's really something special about Facebook.

There are a few more important updates that I'm not at liberty to reveal at this very moment. However, in time I will update you, if the circumstances permit that is. I'm currently trying to find time not only to update this blog more often but also to change its layout. The layout is really screwed up at the moment. As such, I've opened up full RSS subscription instead of the short snippet you get previously. Do look forward to a new and better experience in the near future.

Oh well, guess I'll end here for now as it's getting a little long. Till my next post, take care everyone!


  1. pls clean all the spider webs before u write your next post [wondering when that will be...] :p