Monday, June 01, 2009

Touch My Hand

by David Archuleta

"Touch My Hand" music video performed by David Archuleta on AOL Sessions

Saw you from a distance
Saw you from the stage
Something about the look in your eyes
Something about your beautiful face

In a sea of people
There was only you
I never knew what the song was about
But suddenly now I do

Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Reach out as far as you can
Only me, only you, and the band
Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand

Can’t let the music stop
Can’t let this feeling end
Cause if I do it’ll all be over
I’ll never see you again

Can’t let the music stop
Until I touch your hand
Cause if I do it’ll all be over
I’ll never get the chance again

I’ll never get the chance again
I’ll never get the chance again

I see the sparkle of a million flashlights
A wonderwall of stars
But the one that’s shining out so bright
Is the one right where you are

I'm a real fan of David Archuleta and has been supporting him since his American Idol days. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself an Arch-Angel but I enjoy his music so much more than the other David, Cook. David Cook seems just a little half-cooked, if you get what I mean. He may have won the American Idol title and outsold David Archuleta in terms of album sales but I believe that's only because of his coronation song, 'Time of My Life'. I do enjoy some of the covers he did on American Idol but I don't like the singles he has released post-American Idol. 'Light On'? Try a major 'Turn Off' instead.

Isn't it just sad that most of the American Idols turn out to be flops? It just seems to be the Poisoned Chalice instead of the Holy Grail it was meant to be. The only American Idol who has the right to claim success is the first (and some claim only) American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. She's still churning out hits so many years after her American Idol days.

Kris Allen winning this year's American Idol was definitely a huge upset. Adam Lambert was clearly everyone's favourite to win until AT&T screwed up big time. There were many theories for Adam's disappointing lose such as the fact that he's gay and the American public weren't ready to idolise an openly gay superstar (and why not?), Gokey fans poured their support onto Kris to cause an upset just to show Gokey indeed has a huge following (right, sure...) but none as scandalous as AT&T employees handing out display units to Kris Allen fans and teaching them how to power-text for free! It all points to another American Idol flop in Kris Allen and the rise of a phoenix in Adam Lambert. Time will tell.

This may be Archie's third single but I enjoy this the most and that's why I'm posting this up instead of the other two. It caught my attention the first time I heard it on the radio and I've been loving it ever since. I do hope he will continue to churn out more hits like this. Meanwhile...can't let the music stop, can't let this feeling end... ;)