Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Gift For You

It's my birthday and I have a gift for you. How great is that?

Another year has come and gone. Time really flies. Many ups, many downs. Hey, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Enough about that. On with the juicy part. Let's face it - the only part of this blog post you are interested in, right? Right, the gift I mentioned earlier.

So what's this present I'm giving away on my birthday? By now you should have noticed the new layout this blog is sporting. The new blog template is not exactly the gift I was referring to but maybe a consolation prize or something? :P

OK, on with the story. Well, you might think the gift is nothing but it really means something to me. It's something I've been wanting to do but have not been able to get the ball rolling until now. It's a new blog called Reverse Hypothesis. [UPDATE: The contents of that blog have been imported to Just So You Know from July 2009]

Being a researcher, you always come up with various hypotheses. Some you eventually prove right. Some you eventually prove wrong. Some proven right gets proven wrong. Some proven wrong gets proven right. The point I'm trying very hard to make here is that there's no absolute right or wrong and everyone should be allowed to speak their mind.

That's where the blog comes into play. I feel that blogs can be a useful avenue for critical minds to come together and discuss the subject at hand openly and rationally. I tried that with this blog but I guess the constant nonsense I post in between kind of diluted the seriousness of any critical topics brought up for discussion, thus the creation of a new blog. A fresh start.

So, what happens to this blog? It will still continue as my personal blog and occasionally, critical issues will still be brought up here. Reverse Hypothesis however will play host to special discussion topics where critical thinking will flourish.

So, I cordially invite each and everyone of you to put on your thinking caps and go right over and have your say on the first topic of discussion - euthanasia. A rather bleak subject to bring up on my birthday but it is such challenging of norms that I hope will be seen regularly at Reverse Hypothesis. All diverging views are welcomed and respected. Just keep it civilised.

There you have it. My gift to you on my birthday. :)

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