Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Birthday Wishes And All That

Thanks to all for the well wishes. I know this is very much overdue. Wishes came in different shapes and sizes; face-to-face, emails, blog entries, Friendster testimonials, Friendster messages, online cards, SMSes, instant messages, gifts, presents and so forth. The usual really. A few unexpected ones which is always nice. Thanks once again.

Had a very low-key celebration with my family at a Taiwanese restaurant. I prefer it to be this way nowadays. No cakes, no loud noises, no crowds. Just some quiet time spent with people that matters most to me. Not only was the food good (and allegedly healthy), it was really cheap! I really like the ambience. I will definitely go back again.

I guess Friendster still has its uses. I've been contacted a few times recently with the help of Friendster by so called long lost friends in recent weeks, mostly caused by them not taking note of the change in my email address. :P It's good to hear from them though. Still receives the occasional friend requests. I guess I'll continue keeping my Friendster account, at least for the time being. The good thing is, weird, unknown and unwanted people don't come visiting my profile anymore or sends me valentines or smiles. *phew*

Since the launch of the new blog on my birthday as a gift to you meant for more serious discussions, there has been two topics - euthanasia and online child predators. There will be follow-up discussions on these topics in the near future. I would really appreciate it if you could just post your views on these issues at the comments section. All views are accepted and appreciated. No views will be considered more right or wrong than the other and the purpose of the discussions is not to determine what is right or wrong but for us to see things from a different perspective. It would really help the discussions if more views are put forward. I would really appreciate it if you could also spread the word around regarding these discussions. Thank you in advance.

About the new blog layout, I know it's a little dull when compared to my previous layouts. Lack of colours. Lack of graphics. Lots of white spaces. Why change it then? A few reasons really. I wanted it to load faster and I love white spaces. Somehow I find it kinda serene. Very zen. The reason this column is made so narrow is very much due to the Reader's Digest concept. Having fewer words each line makes reading easier and retention better. It may be more work for your fingers to scroll down the page but less taxing on your eyes. Basically, I just grew tired of my old layout.

Anyway, there's a high possibility of fewer postings until the end of the year (as if there hasn't been a lack of updates already :P) but this is not certain yet. I'll post something up if and when I feel it is necessary. I guess you guys must have gotten used to the JSYK withdrawal syndrome by now. :P

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