Monday, January 29, 2007

China Bans Year Of Pig Ads

No Pigs
A Chinese TV Network, CCTV has banned advertisements [PDF] for the upcoming Year of the Pig celebrations containing pigs.
Chinese TV Network Bans Pig Ads During Year of Pig Celebrations Due to Muslim Sensitivity

[...] China Central Television said it would ban all verbal and visual pork references from advertisements during Lunar New Year celebrations next month, the Wall Street Journal reported. This week, the network banned a TV ad from Nestle SA featuring a smiling cartoon pig and the message, "Happy new pig year."

CCTV's ad department said the regulations are intended to avoid offending Muslims, who consider pigs unclean animals. China's 20 million Muslims comprise less than 2 percent of the population, the Journal reported. [...]
Considering Muslims make up the majority of the population here in Malaysia, will Malaysia follow suit?


  1. Question : What about Chinese Muslims born in the year of the pig?

    Political correctness is getting sillier by the day.

  2. i suppose it would be irrelevant to them in which year they were born considering they do not believe in the chinese zodiac....

    but i do agree that political correctness is getting way too silly nowadays...

    and the scary thing is...there's more to come and we've not seen the worst of it yet!!!

  3. Well, why wouldn't they believe in the Chinese zodiac?

    Islam is a religion, but they are still Chinese. Race and religion should not be confused. Chinese Muslims celebrate Chinese New Year too, you know.

  4. well, neither should chinese new year be confused with chinese astrology. they may celebrate chinese new year but they are not compelled to observe each and every beliefs, traditions and superstitions, especially those that contradict with their religion.

    for example, feng shui is seen by different individuals in many different aspects - a chinese culture, superstition, art and science even. some chinese christians stay away from it altogether as they feel it is against their religion while many others embrace them instead.

    it all boils down to one's personal beliefs and preferences. thanks for your feedback.

  5. to show respect by not publishing any ads on pigs or prok references?

    why not KILL all the pigs and make it another distinct species so that they would be more respected?

    if distinct adee, then WWF only will blame 'em, not the media ma rite?

    agree dudes, it's getting sillier by each second

  6. @spyd3r
    i think u meant extinct... ;)

  7. government pays compensation to pig farmers because of JE.

    and yes this is country made up of majority muslims ( be it malays, chinese, indians etc).

    see the irony in that? duhh ..

    Kshern, if you have something to say, talk straight. Dont use others to do it for you.

    Final say, I think its commendable of cctv although i hate the fact that the government pay money because of JE to breeders of the filthy animal.

    ** PS: i like your other issues better.

  8. @anon
    thanks for your comment. would appreciate it if you could actually leave your name/nick instead. at least it gives a face to the comments rather than some shadowy figure shooting from behind some bushes. your comments are welcomed and respected nonetheless and will be digested without prejudice.

    i don't exactly know what you are trying to imply but i get the feeling that you are trying to paint this post as if there was somewhat sinister about it. i assure you there is none.

    if you have gone through previous posts in my blog, there has been no indication of racism or the sorts and this post is no different. i do laud the cctv for their very much unexpected move out of respect of the minority muslims in china but i'm seriously worried of the direction of such an action.

    will this also end up like the farce christmas has become to be politically, religiously and culturally correct for everyone especially in the western world? i seriously hope not.

    will they ban ads on cows too during the year of the ox to show respect for hindus and buddhists that shun beef? i seriously hope not.

    and why didn't i put this forward right from the start? a blog should not be just for one person to put forward his/her thoughts. i believe it should be a place where divergent thoughts can come together to educate one another, where healthy discussions can flow, thus enriching the experience.

    i'm as direct as can be. to be frank, not many can handle the truth. not all will appreciate the direct approach. i'm a straight talker as it is and would not have anyone speak on behalf of me.

    i do hope you will be able to show the same tolerance shown by those people at cctv and the likes if you wish others to be tolerant towards you and your beliefs. it always work both ways. it's as simple as that.

    i would very much appreciate your continued readership but if difference of opinion is not your cup of tea, i guess you would have to look somewhere else.

    thanks again for your feedback.