Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2006 Wrap-Up

It took me sixteen days into the new year before I wrap-up 2006 and usher in 2007. Hello people, I'm back. Sorry I've not updated my blog of late. I do realise it's been awhile and the cobwebs have accumulated here but I've been a tad busy and the crawling internet connection due to the Taiwan earthquake didn't help one bit.

I made a wishlist for 2006. Not exactly a list of resolutions but a list of what I wish for 2006, hence a wishlist. To wrap-up 2006, I guess it only makes sense to revisit that list.

1. to progress further in my self-initiated 'anger management' program which has been largely successful so far *ahem* :P (for context read this)
I think it has been a good year. I don't actually recall being angry (or at least showing anger like how I used to). In fact, I've been insanely calm when facing certain situations where most would already flare up (at least my old self would). *PASS*
2. to achieve ground-breaking results in my research
Of course there were some aspects that were new but I wouldn't regard them ground-breaking results. I put the bar high for this one but that's the only way I know to push myself to the limit. No complaints. *FAIL*
3. to finish my graduate studies (largely dependant on #2)
In progress. Writing my thesis at the moment. *FAIL*
4. to be gainfully employed (after achieving #3)
Refer #3. *FAIL* True, I'm self-employed (which many aspire to be) but I guess it's not exactly what many people think.
5. to stay healthy and maybe gain a little weight (been getting too many comments on being so skinny now)
I've gained some weight (towards the end of the year due to less stress and workload) but not satisfactory enough I suppose. Thinking of going to the gym for some workout in 2007. Been healthy as far as I can recall. *PASS*
6. to stop being a self enforced hermit
Been going out more especially the last few months (again due to less stress and workload). *PASS*
7. to visit the cinemas for at least one (good) movie (which I've successfully avoided the whole of 2005)
Successfully avoided for the whole of 2006, again. Been catching up on old movies through Astro and DVDs. However, I do plan to catch a movie this month. *FAIL*
8. to blog more from the heart and not so much from the brain
My readers should answer this one but if it was up to me, I would say *PASS*
9. to include more pictures in my blog
I wouldn't say my blog is filled with pictures now (since I'm not the camwhoring type) but there are definitely more pictures now. *PASS*
10. to make an impact in at least one person's life (my lifetime wish actually)
I wouldn't know this really but I guess since it's a lifetime wish, there's still plenty of time (I hope). But if someone did come up and tell you that you have positively influenced his life, I guess it's regarded as a success. *PASS*
11. to reply emails more promptly (can't they just read my blog? :P)
I've been replying most of my emails as promptly as possible but there are still some crying out for my attention, even now. *FAIL*
12. to start my pet project on podcasting
A few reasons why it didn't work out but will still embark on this in the near future. *FAIL*
13. a world without conflict (or at least less of it)
Sadly, *FAIL*
14. no major flu pandemic or the like
Fortunately, *PASS* but seems to be making a comeback in 2007.
15. Manchester United to win the EPL
Unfortunately, *FAIL* but thankfully on the right track to achieving that this year.
16. McLaren Mercedes to win the Constructors Title
Failed miserably. So disappointing. *FAIL*
17. Kimi Raikkonen to rule the F1 tracks
Refer #16. *FAIL*
18. Malaysia to be more Malaysian
Sadly, *FAIL* Remains a pipe dream.
19. Penang to be more developed (in the right way)
Sadly, *FAIL*
20. an affordable but powerful Intel iBook (wouldn't mind if someone gives me one)
Rebranded as the MacBook. Seems to be priced further and further out of my league. Would love to get the iPhone but I'm sure it would cost an arm and a leg here in Malaysia. *FAIL*
Will I draw up another wishlist for 2007? Maybe I will. Let's see how's my mood tomorrow. For the second half of 2006, I've not been blogging as much as I would have liked. I also realised I've not blogged much about current events in that same period which is very sad since the main reason for this blog is for me to speak my mind about these things.

It has come to a stage that I feel putting forward what I feel and think about current issues is really a waste of my time which is a luxury for me nowadays. I will do some research before I post those issues, so it does take up a lot of my time. I guess that's why unconsciously, I've not been blogging about current events lately since I don't exactly have the luxury of time.

I don't know when I will be able to clear the increasing number of drafts. Maybe I should sit down a day or two to complete them all once and for all. Maybe I should since that's all baggage from the old year and it's the new year now.

Anyway, here's to a healthy and progressive 2007.


  1. so many failed?
    planning to carry forward to this year?

  2. i have a MacBook.. nye nye nye nye nye.....

    btw, even sam is worth RM33.50.. WTF.. some cathcing up to do my man...

  3. @delphynus
    most of those that failed were out of my control. it's not like i can for example pull an MU shirt on and kick some ass! :P

    @lay yin
    curse you! i wan a macbook too! :P

    and the self-value thingy is flawed i tell you. how can smoking be worth $5 and peeing in the pool worth just $0.50?!?

    i say releasing some warm self-made "oolong tea" for the consumption of all in the pool is anytime more valuable than puffing on the cancer stick. no one knows (thus can't prevent) from swallowing mouthfuls of your "oolong tea" whereas you can easily walk away from someone smoking. :P