Friday, September 21, 2007

Sedilix - My Friend, My Enemy

If you've been following my Jaiku presence, you should be able to remember my new best friend Sedilix, seduced by none other than my sexy voice. Sedilix has been in my life for only a week and from being my best friend, she is now my enemy. So who is this Sedilix character, you ask? Let me now share with you my love-hate relationship with Sedilix, my cherry flavoured cough syrup.

I've been under the weather for awhile now and it took a turn for the worse last weekend. It was a crazy thing to do especially in my condition then but I just had to do it, no two ways about it. Anyway, I didn't think I would end up so sick. Everyone thinks they are Superman and are protected from the elements, no? I was no different. My voice became sexier than Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley combined. So I had no choice but to turn to Sedilix to ease my constant coughing and undo my sexy voice before more girls fall prey to its siren.

You should know the contents of a bottle of cough syrup and Sedilix is no different. It makes you drowsy. At first, it's a wonderful feeling. It's like you're walking on clouds. You sleep really well. You wake up the next morning feeling fresh. Most importantly, you don't cough that much anymore and can speak a sentence without raining saliva on your listeners.

The only problem is, after a few days of cherry flavoured heaven, you start to feel really awful. You feel drowsy even when you are not taking the medication. You sleep all day long. You become unproductive. You can't think straight. It's usually the meds talking and not you. You always feel like you're walking on a rocking boat. You get so addicted to the cherry flavoured poison, you go back to it time and again so you don't feel like shit. Yup, it's definitely time to throw away the bottle!

Now it is my enemy and I've to get rid of the evil bottle. Only thing is, I still need it. Not because I need it to constantly mess up my mind and make me feel like I'm flying without wings but to relieve my coughing which has been successfully reduced to just a random itch now and then. So what should I do? Should I continue to drink the poison or walk away from it? You tell me.


  1. walk away, walk away, walk away....

  2. you poor soul.
    maybe go cold turkey? =P

  3. hmmm...i think i'll give myself just a few more days before i cut it off.... ;)

  4. take prescription with coke, less after effect and happy next day.

  5. I dont think its addictive as it dont contains any codeine

  6. I dont think its addictive as it dont contains any codeine

  7. its the promethazine, it makes your nerves numb
    people use promethazine and codine cough mixture to make purple drank