Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Pearl Of The Orient Project

Since the day a new government took over the northern island state, changes have been sweeping across both sides of the channel with the Pearl of the Orient Project announced this morning to replace the controversial mixed development Global City Centre project planned for the grounds currently used for equestrian activities as the newest change brought about by the new state government.

It looks as if the developer of the controversial Global City Centre has finally decided to back down and heed the calls of the island dwellers to not only retain but expand the green lung in its proximity. Also part of the new Pearl of the Orient Project, the developer will help realise the hopes of the new state government to further develop the state's tourism by having not only the largest indoor aquarium exhibition but also a world-class night safari in place of the many ugly towers.

Instead of the two iconic towers initially planned for the site, a large dome resembling a pearl will be constructed which can be used for all kinds of functions. Not only will it serve as an exhibition hall or even as a place for married couples to have their wedding dinners or kenduri, it will be uniquely constructed to enable sporting events to be held inside. Rumours has it that the organisers are planning to stage a Manchester United and Arsenal match for the inaugural opening of the dome which can also open up very much like the one in Sapporo.

In return, the monorail project initially planned for the state will be scrapped and replaced with a subway system recently proposed by the new state government. This project has been put forward to the developer in exchange of backing down from the controversial Global City Centre project and embark on the Pearl of the Orient project instead. Realising that with much opposition from the residents and probably the new state government, the developer decided to change its plans for the equestrian site and took up the offer of constructing and running the subway system which they foresee to be as lucrative and successful as that of the MRT system found in Singapore.

This is truly a great win for the many residents on the island who see the Global City Project as none other than a project that will only benefit and enrich a few at the expense of many like the yatch race in an east coast state, also a project by the developers of the controversial Global City Centre project.

If only the announcement wasn't made on this day.

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