Friday, May 16, 2008


Just so you know, I will be incommunicado till the end of May. I will not be logging into any of the instant messaging clients, I won't be checking my emails, I won't be going through my RSS subscriptions, I won't be blogging, basically I won't be logging onto the internet to do what I'll usually do.

Hermit Crab

I will be a self-enforced hermit for the next two weeks. No reading of newspapers and all the miscellaneous stuff that eat into my precious time everyday. I owe myself that much. It is only two weeks, not two months!

I know my unread mails and RSS subscriptions will pile up in that two weeks period and it'll take me forever to go through them after I come out from my reclusion but it is a sacrifice I have to make.

This blog will be on auto-pilot during that period. There are a couple of posts scheduled to be published in the next few days. There isn't enough to cover till the end of May but I'll resist the temptation to blog until June comes along.

I may still post updates on Jaiku so it is not as if I've disappeared from the face of the Earth but that has yet to be decided. In the meantime, you all behave and don't burn my blog down, alright? See you guys in two weeks time!


  1. why?

    who's gonna talk to me? :(
    allowed to sms u or not? hmm. pointless asking all these questions right? no one's going to answer.


  2. well, you survived right? no jsyk withdrawal syndrome right? :P