Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's Been Three Years Already?

Can you believe it? This blog is 3 years old!

Number Three - 3

In my first year of blogging, the number of entries I wrote were just plain crazy - totaling 422 entries altogether! I guess it had very much to do with the excitement of starting a blog and discovering a new frontier! Then reality kicked in. It was just plain impossible for me to churn out so many blog entries on a regular basis. No one in their right mind has that much crap to talk about, do they? Stop looking at me like that! I do not have that much to say. =.=

While coming up with my 2006 Wish List, a New Year's Resolution of sorts, I decided to cut down on the quantity of entries and emphasised more on the quality of the content. In that very month, the number of entries dropped to just twenty from a minimum of thirty entries a month before that. Entries were on average lengthier than before and there were also more pictures. It took more effort to write an entry but it was definitely more fulfilling.

However, commitments kicked in after that and the number of entries tanked! In my second year of blogging, I couldn't even make it to 100 entries. I only managed to write 99 entries and I'm not proud of that statistic at all. In fact, nothing much has changed in my third year of blogging that ended at the stroke of midnight yesterday. The number of entries also did not breach the 100 mark but the leanest spell definitely has to be March 2008 with only one entry right on the very last day of the month. It wasn't exactly an entry I'm proud of either.

It is not that I had nothing to say in that month. Believe me, I had plenty to say what with the Malaysian General Elections and the aftermath of it all. I just couldn't find the time to sit down and convert all my thoughts into words. When I finally do have the time to blog, I've just too much to write about and can't decide on what to publish. I don't intend on dumping all those entries on my readers all at once! Believe me, it's not a pretty sight but I won't be able to find the time to space out my entries and publish them one by one. So, I decide to use the time to rest instead. :P

However, that may (hopefully) change with the introduction of Scheduled Post Publishing by Blogger. With that new service, I can have my mental diarrhea whenever I want, store all the crap up and schedule them to be released at designated days. In fact, that's how you get to read this entry! I'm probably up on Mount Kinabalu at the moment so there's no way I'm able to post this entry if I didn't write it earlier and schedule it to be published this very day. Also, (finally) having my own laptop will also help me find the time to translate my thoughts into words on a more regular basis.

Perodua Viva

The most popular entries for this past year has to be the ones regarding the launching of Perodua Viva. That was the period that my blog received the most visitors ever! It even eclipsed the previous high regarding how a Konsortium Bus Driver Abuses Passengers. It was definitely an indication of how popular this model was and you can see it on the number of them on the roads now.

Konsortium Bus Driver Abuses Passengers

Even with newer content on the blog, some of the old entries seem to remain ever popular. It's amazing really. Among the all time favourites are Tong Hua (Fairy Tale), the Tammy NYP sex video scandal, the Malaysian Police ala Abu Ghraib controversy and the wardrobe malfunction at Lakme India Fashion Week.

Most Popular Entries

In truth, nothing much interesting happened on my blog in this past year worth mentioning very much due to the lack of entries. To compensate the lack of entries on this blog, I started micro-blogging through Jaiku hoping writing shorter entries on my mobile phone would at least keep my friends updated on what I'm doing. It's not a replacement for this blog but both works complementary of each other. In fact, I'm updating as much as I can regarding my trip to Sabah now!

In this past year, I've started writing more reviews too. I try not to write too much and chooses products and sites that would probably interest my readers. It's important to remain relevant while making a few bucks along the way. No point writing reviews that are of no use to your readers, right?

I'm still finding it hard to squeeze enough time to blog the things I feel strongly about. I do hope I will be able to blog more frequently after this. Whatever it is, I've found the three years of blogging very therapeutic and will definitely continue to speak my mind, whenever time permits. Whether you will still be reading the nonsense I write is a different matter altogether. Anyway, thank you for having taken this journey with me and let's wish for many more wonderful years to come. Cheers!


  1. glad that u r still around and going strong.

    i've enjoyed my 3 years with u. it's been fun :)

    hope there will be more to come.

    always your reader. cheers :)

  2. glad to have you as a reader. :)

  3. Happy 3rd Blogaversary kshern. Keep on keeping on....

  4. haha...thanks! i'll try my best...been slacking off again lately. :(