Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Firefox 3: Download Day 2008

The new release of our beloved browser Firefox 3.0 will be released soon enough and the guys at Mozilla have a little something in mind for the official launching. They are planning to set a record for the most downloaded software over the period of 24 hours and I believe this is very much achievable. As I blog, there are over half a million pledges and it will only increase exponentially from here.

Firefox 3: Download Day 2008

They don't have a release date yet but we can make a pledge to download the new browser on the day which they will announce later at the pledge map page. Currently, Malaysia is lacking way behind the other countries at less than 3,000 pledges. It's quite promising though since it has increased two-fold from the time I pledged a few days ago. At that time, even Singapore was ahead of us but we've overtaken them now albeit just a little advantage.

I've really enjoy using the browser over the likes of Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. It's fast, it's safe, it's simply amazing. With the help of useful addons, it really makes my internet browsing a breeze rather than some horribly constipated experience.

The new browser is promising many improvements but that shouldn't stop you from changing your current browser to the current Firefox 2. Trust me, you'll never look at Internet Explorer the same way again after trying Mozilla Firefox. All you have to do to get the software is to click on the banner above this post that will assist you in downloading the best browser to date, IMHO.

Oh, and don't forget to pledge! Let's make history together. :)

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