Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Fill Up After Petrol Price Hike

This is my first petrol fill up after petrol prices were increased by over 40% to RM2.70 on June 5th.

Malaysia Petrol Price RM2.70

So many four digits to choose from! If any of you strike lottery, you're paying for my petrol for a year! :P

No, I wasn't one of those who queued up to fill up their tanks before the price were increased. I had actually refueled a few days before and I was never one to queue up for ages, burning precious time and fossil fuels at that, just so you could save a little before you inevitably have to pay a higher price for future refills. However, this time around I do not blame those who actually queued up since the increase was really drastic.

It was a painful experience for me too since I only had to pay around RM50 for a full tank before the recent petrol price hike and it's not like my income is all that great. I still remember not having to pay more than RM30 for a full tank ten years ago! However, I do not believe in subsidies as it actually causes more issues than actually resolving them. In fact, I've been calling for a total withdrawal of petrol subsidies for years now. If this was done years ago before petrol prices skyrocketed to US$138 per barrel, we wouldn't have been so badly hit. We would have been more economical with our petrol usage and would have relied less on the finite fuel source.

Since I've been very careful with my petrol usage for years now, I won't really feel the pinch of the recent petrol hike although it still does translate into less money in my pockets. In fact, I'm glad I kept faith with my SLK instead of upgrading to another car. I bet it's worth more than what it was before June 5th with many scouring for smaller and more fuel-efficient cars! ;)

Anyone of you interested in my Small Little Kancil? I'll willingly part with it if anyone comes up with a good offer. RM18k, anyone? ;)


  1. Everyone is so pissed when they go petrol stations!

    Yet nothing much that we can do..

    so disgust!

  2. haha...what i do nowadays is put my credit card in and look away. seeing the counter spin so fast the first time after the hike was really depressing!

    the good thing about the petrol hike however is that traveling is much more enjoyable now with less traffic jams. at least something good came out from the petrol hike. =P