Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Breath Of New Life

I know I've not blogged for awhile. Since the last time I blogged, I've repaired my blog template. It looks much better now compared to before (I hope). I'm sure you'll realise not only does it look cleaner, some of those unwanted elements have disappeared. If you've been subscribing to my RSS feed, you'll probably have come to realise that I've enabled full post syndication too. I continue to listen to the suggestions put forward by my ardent readers (all two of you out there) and I'm trying to strike a balance between your wants and my needs. ;)

This is probably the flashiest layout I've chosen for my blog thus far. It has always been those boring layouts that you'll want to tear your eyes out right after looking at them. I'm trying something new here, trying to breath some life into my blog which has been hanging by a thread for a long while now.

I'm also trying to rebrand my blog. I've been known to write about socio-political issues in the past but having seen so many other blogs doing the same thing, quite a few much better at it than I am, I've stopped writing on those issues for quite awhile now, about a year I guess. I still plan to write about those issues which I feel very strongly about but not writing about a certain issue doesn't mean I don't care about that particular issue.

I'm thinking of writing more about food and travels. I know there are plenty out there too but I've always wanted to share the food and places that I've enjoyed. Also, I'm thinking of finally putting some money down for a dSLR. So, you'll hopefully be seeing more posts regarding food, travel and my photography in the future. I think it's a good change from the bleak posts I've done on the socio-political issues previously.

Well, I hope you like the changes done to the blog along with those in the pipeline. Until the next time I decide to torture you with another blog entry, enjoy! ;)


  1. next post!

    [u already know what i think abt your need to say again la, huh?] ;)

  2. aiseh man! nice work dude... a blue man's world!

  3. Nice work! Appreciate the effort. :)
    I understand that it's a bloody difficult job maintaining a good blog!