Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Blog's New Clothes

As part of my comeback attempt, I felt it was necessary for some changes to the layout of this blog to mark my return to blogging. What's a comeback without a new look, no? With the release of Blogger's new Template Designer (still in Blogger Draft), this has been made much easier compared to previous times.

Gone are the days I've to trawl the world wide web to look for decent blog designs and suitable templates. After finding what I like, I've to tweak the codes to suit my blog. It was a nightmare, really! The old boring Blogger template designs are now ancient history. I definitely find it easier to manage the blog now with the newly introduced features. Blogger should have worked on them much sooner but better late than never, no?

I'm keeping it simple this time around. The last design was visually pleasing but admittedly too flashy - too showy. With this template, I feel I could periodically change the design without much fuss. I've actually tried out a few designs with this template and it just took me a few minutes to give my blog a total makeover.

It has been awhile since I've changed the template so I did forget to do a few important things but nothing too serious though. I did however lose two full days of statistics for forgetting to inside a set of codes. Whatever it is, it has made blogging much easier and fun again. I would definitely recommend using the new Template Designer feature.

Enough of cosmetics, time for substance.

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