Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another Fight Club Video

Here I thought that only school kids were guilty of misbehaving and resorted to violence and mob rule to resolve matters. Unfortunately, I was proven wrong. Even university undergraduates believe violence and mob rule is the way to go when you want to get things done. In this video first published on Merdeka Review, you can see how shameful and idiotic these people who are suppose to be intellectuals and hard at work pursuing their first degrees at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) but instead chose to make a fool of themselves with such acts. Looks like gangsterism is alive and kicking wherever you go.

Original clip hosted by Merdeka Review.

So far, only theSun among all the mainstream dailies have chosen to highlight the disgraceful actions of these primitive apes [PDF].

Mob heckles seven undergrads in UPM

PETALING JAYA: Gangsterism reared its ugly head in Univerisiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) when about 50 "pro-establishment" students took the law into their own hands and manhandled seven students who are members of an organisation perceived to be "anti-establishment" last Monday (July 17, 2006).

A video clip obtained by theSun showed the large group surrounding and pushing about six members of the UPM Student Progressive Front (SPF) in the campus canteen.

Giving an account of the incident to theSun today, third-year Chinese Studies student Lim Sok Swan said she and six other friends were manning a help counter for new students when the incident started.

Lim said a group of about 50 students led by a student council leader suddenly surrounded and scolded them for setting up the help counter when the SPF is not a registered body.

"They demanded we leave within 10 minutes, saying we are not allowed to be there to disturb students.

"We replied that we were just helping students' welfare and denied disturbing anyone as it was in a canteen that is open to everyone," she said.

"We had done nothing wrong ,so we declined to leave. They then pushed us away and removed our tables, chairs and flyers," she added.

She alleged that campus security officers who were present did not offer any help and merely watched.

"I was very scared," Lim said, adding she called the police as she felt the tension was escalating.

"They only stopped harrassing us when police officers arrived," she added.

Another student said she was pushed and fell on the floor when trying to take some photographs of what was happening.

The student who said her camera broke when it fell lodged a police report at the Seri Serdang police station.

"A similar incident took place on July 11(2006) where a group of 'pro-establishment' students tore up our materials at the help desk," she added.

Meanwhile, Suaram coordinator Chang Lih Kang urged the Higher Education Ministry, the police and UPM's authorities to investigate and take action against the culprits.

"It's a crime to intimidate someone," he said, adding that at least 15 police reports have been lodged over the incident.

Meanwhile, Subang Jaya police chief ACP Mohd Fuad Talib said police have received five reports from the students.

He said investigations revealed that the incident arose as a result of a misunderstanding over an event organised by the students.

He said apart from some pushing and jostling among the students at the time of incident, no one was reported to have been assaulted.

Mohd Fuad said police have spoken to UPM officials and have left the matter to be resolved internally.

"But our officers will continue monitoring the situation to avoid any untoward incident in future," he said.

UPM vice-chancellor Prof Dr Nik Mustapha R. Abdullah and deputy vice-chancellor (student affairs and alumni) Assoc Prof Dr Azali Mohamed could not be reached for comment today (July 20, 2006).
Looks like it's double whammy for UPM especially so soon after the Ethnic Relations module fiasco [PDF]. As a Malaysian and a graduate student at a local public university, I really don't know where to hide my face. Those pathetic beings act like retards heckling and shouting in such a manner not any better wait, those chimps are way more civilised and cultured compared to those thugs! Strip them off their posts, demand they make a public apology and only after all that expel them. The university has no place for animals like them! I truly feel that our friend here on the right deserves their place in the university more than these imbeciles.


  1. that's nasty...
    i guess they learn to fight in school, then this behaviour is carried on until they get to university.

    truly, what's the point of higher education for people as such?

  2. like wat the hell?

    even tho mebbe la the victims is "anti-establishment",the mob doesn't have the right to do wat they do.
    is it bcoz they consider themselves "pro-establishment"?did UPM VC grant them power to do such things to fellow students?

    wat happened to the AUKU that all unversity students need to sign and pledge to follow?i don't get it sumtimes.the bottom line of that akujanji is that u don't get urself involved in politics.if u are a sympathy to a politic party that is not the establishment,then u face suspension or worse be expelled.but isn't it the same if u show such fierce support to the government?they are a politic party too right?

    don't get me wrong here.politics juz bore me to death.wat's wif the war going on all over the world,these students chose violence over diplomacy.

    and please don't tell me shouting over the top of ur lungs is called diplomacy...bull....

    p/s:will i get into trouble writing my piece of mind?

  3. @delphynus
    like i said...offer their places to the chimps!

    if you do get into trouble for that, we might as well just give up all hope for malaysia...don't worry, we will visit you frequently at kamunting. ;)

    free food and free accomodation...what's not to like? :P


    ikanrerama shifts back from her paranoid mode to her normal self


    so...wat's the latest news on this issue?i bet the university is trying their best to vacuum everything (as in sweeping everything under the carpet).i believe every local universities has it fair shares of's how the upper echelons deal with it can make the difference between fair judgement or public humiliation/media-frenzy.

    kshern:if i did end up in kamunting,rest assured u'll be my next door neighbour.muahahahaha...

  5. broadband in kamunting leh! :P

  6. Are these the monkeys that tax payers spent for their scholarships?

    I wonder??

    Can the relevant authorities justifies the selection process?

  7. They are worse than monkeys. What is wrong with the seniors trying to assist the freshies? Just look at the shouting and heckling by the monyet in orange shirt. It's disgusting and shameful. No wonder these so called graduates cannot get employed. They just have no brains at all.
    Frankly these monyet kampung do not deserve entry into UPM or any public-funded uni at all in the first place. It is a waste of taxpayer's money.

  8. @anon #6
    i don't think they are scholarship receipients. maybe what you probably meant was that they are studying at a local public university which is funded/subsidised using public funds.

    @anon #7
    agreed. let's just send in the chimps! :)