Friday, July 07, 2006

Remembering The London Bombings

This day last year, London was rocked by four explosions that caused ripples not only in that busy metropolis but throughout the world. One innocent man was even shot seven times in the head all because of mistaken identity and widespread fear. To me, that actually rubber-stamped that the terrorists' objectives were achieved - to cause unnecessary fear and hysteria. The death of that one innocent man had more impact than the deaths of the 52 passengers. Let's take a moment to cherish the memories of those who perished in this awful tragedy. Let's make a pledge to continue living and cherish the life we have regardless of the insane ways of a certain few. Let's make living this life worthwhile.


  1. with the recent mumbai bombings, this post carries more weight. we must not let those insane few determine how we should live our lifes.