Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's Not Indonesia, El Nino's To Blame For Haze

Some smart-ass Malaysian researcher currently with the United Nations University in Tokyo claims that El Nino's to blame for the bloody haze we are experiencing, not Indonesia. [PDF] (Note: Emphasis mine)

El Nino from Indian Ocean causing haze

PETALING JAYA: It is unfair for Malaysia to blame Indonesia for the latest haze situation, said a Malaysian researcher with the United Nations University in Tokyo.

C.K. Tan attributed the haze to the El-Nino occurring in the Indian Ocean called the "Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD)".

The IOD, he said, would cause severe droughts and it would easily lead to forest fires during the IOD year.

As the dry condition continued due to IOD, the haze would be more serious.

I really want to know what he's smoking up there in Tokyo because we Malaysians would really need some of that stuff to clear/cloud our minds enough (depending on your current state of mind) to comprehend the nonsense he is blabbing.

Has he forgotten the state of emergency we had to declare August last year? Has he been living in Tokyo for so long that he does not realise the haze export business our 'lovely' neighbour Indonesia is involved in for over a decade (or two) now is a recurring event this time of the year, EVERY YEAR without fail?!? Is the IOD and El Nino a yearly affair? I don't think so! So how is it he can come up with such a connection when the root of the problem is really the inaction of the Indonesian authorities?

He must be smoking something really strong to wipe all that from his memory or is he really that foolish to dish up such a lame rationale as that? If an Indonesian newspaper editor can put up his hands to take the blame [PDF] for the nauseating haze problem, I don't understand how this true-blue Malaysian can come up with such an incoherent argument as this?

Maybe this, this and this will remind him of what we have to endure here in Malaysia on a yearly basis while he's breathing fresh clean air up there in Japan.

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