Saturday, June 25, 2005

Freaking Haze

I woke up today to the sickening smell of haze. Yes, my nose can detect haze. Even the slightest of haze, I will know it is there. I was told by my smoking friends that the smell of haze is similar to that of Dunhill cigarettes. If that is so, I can't understand why they smoke them in the first place?!? Sheeesshh!!!

I had plans to catch a movie in the afternoon but I received an SMS from the 'outing organiser' informing me it was cancelled 'due to the lack of response from invitees'. Man, who writes those stuff, anyway? I mean, it's just a social outing...not some formal banquet or something like that! Well, too bad his other friends didn't respond to him then. Maybe the fun factor just flew out the window by the way he organised it. Well, I was thinking of going to Pantai Kerachut instead but then, with the haze condition like this, it would be better to stay indoors.

Haze has never affected me before, except for the smell. Today, it was so bad, I had a parched throat (although I drank more water than the average day), watery and irritated eyes, and even headaches! I ended up wearing a mask indoors! The world leaders should do something with those hotspots in Indonesia. Too often have these hotspots originated from Sumatera and frankly speaking, everyone knows it ain't no accidental forest fire or whatever they are claiming it to be. Someone is just clearing the area by torching the forest down so they can develop the place. Wake up! Not only are we losing out forests, we are also losing our health!

Well, the haze is definitely not going to stop me from watching the first season of 24! :P

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