Sunday, February 12, 2006

Friendster - Keep Or Delete?

I'm seriously thinking of terminating my Friendster account. I've been toying around with the idea for some time now but never got to executing it but my hand may be forced now. The reason why I had an account in the first place was due to the incessant email reminders that was flooding my mailbox asking me to join Friendster. The same was with hi5 which is also a social networking site similar to Friendster. I just couldn't take the annoying emails anymore that I gave in and open accounts at both just so I could be left in peace.

The reason why I say my hand may be forced in the issue of terminating my Friendster account is due to the recent revelation that one of my friends is probably gay. Now, again I would like to stress that I'm fine with whatever sexual preference you have chosen and I'm not homophobic. The reason I'm quitting Friendster is not due to my friend's sexual preference but the type of people I'm attracting due to me being on his list of friends. I've been getting numerous visits by gays recently (probably due to my silliness of not satisfying my curiosity about my friend's sexual preference by viewing profiles found on his list of friends anonymously....DUH!!!). Ever since, I've been getting such visits quite frequently. Worse still, someone even sent me a 'smile' just a few days back and he's like a 51 year old man!!! *puke*

I actually have no use of either Friendster or hi5 or such social networking sites. I don't utilise them to be frank. I've always received complaints that I do not update my profile, upload pictures and all that. Heck, I have a blog that I can do all that! Why do I need Friendster? Just recently, I created a Multiply account just so I can read my friend's blog which she's not comfortable sharing with the world yet. Make no mistake, I've received numerous invitations to join in the past but I was able to resist everytime. This time though, I don't know why but I caved in to her invitation, albeit a few reminders. :P Maybe I'll have to keep the Multiply account for awhile longer until I'm able to convince my friend to take that brave step into the open blogosphere.

I'm still quite undecided since I might just get flooded again with email invitations and reminders to join these sites in the future. Do I really want to go through the hassle of registering again if and when I cave in yet again? Worse still, do I really want to go through explaining to the friends in my network why I'm no longer their 'friend' when they find out and bombard me with questions? Sigh...please give me some pointers here.


  1. let it be.
    go and adjust your preferences. you can disallow 2nd degree friends to view your profile or even send you messages thru friendster.
    or else u will keep getting those damn invites. i did that for hi5 too...just joined to stop the crap. and there's another one, 'smsac' - i blocked them from sending me invites. life is good -for now... ;)

  2. yea, my settings have always been that...only friends can see my profile. whereas for messages, i've to put anyone since i might have friends that are not closely connected yet and require to message me to get confirmation.

    luckily he sent a smile only and not a valentine! *faints*

    i just got a friend request from a genuine friend. sigh, i guess i've just got to dig in and handle the situation... :(

  3. wow!
    maybe tonight's the night he will send u a valentine...


  4. nah...i think he got the message...unless he's that brave or desperate! :P