Sunday, January 01, 2006

Wishlist 2006

Here's what I wish for in 2006 (in no particular order):

  1. to progress further in my self-initiated 'anger management' program which has been largely successful so far *ahem* :P (for context read this)
  2. to achieve ground-breaking results in my research
  3. to finish my graduate studies (largely dependant on #2)
  4. to be gainfully employed (after achieving #3)
  5. to stay healthy and maybe gain a little weight (been getting too many comments on being so skinny now)
  6. to stop being a self enforced hermit
  7. to visit the cinemas for at least one (good) movie (which I've successfully avoided the whole of 2005)
  8. to blog more from the heart and not so much from the brain
  9. to include more pictures in my blog
  10. to make an impact in at least one person's life (my lifetime wish actually)
  11. to reply emails more promptly (can't they just read my blog? :P)
  12. to start my pet project on podcasting
  13. a world without conflict (or at least less of it)
  14. no major flu pandemic or the like
  15. Manchester United to win the EPL
  16. McLaren Mercedes to win the Constructors Title
  17. Kimi Raikkonen to rule the F1 tracks
  18. Malaysia to be more Malaysian
  19. Penang to be more developed (in the right way)
  20. an affordable but powerful Intel iBook (wouldn't mind if someone gives me one)

Disclaimer: This is neither a complete list nor an indication that the author promises to fulfill all the wishes above.


  1. that's a bloody long list my dear...!
    but i wish u all the best with all my heart, hope that u will achieve your goals!

    (except for the man utd thing...that won't happen, babe!) :P

  2. greedy meh? actually i have a longer list one...wakakakaka....