Friday, March 23, 2007

Dog Poo Menace

I've been meaning to write on this myself so reading about it in the papers and knowing I'm not alone facing irresponsible neighbours who do not pick up after their dogs, I just can't stop nodding while going through the article. [PDF]

Dog Poo
Naming the fishes

People who don't clean up after their dogs or cats may want to consider other pet options.

I don't have a dog or a cat, nor do I keep a crocodile in my backyard, or try to look cool by draping an iguana across my shoulders. But that doesn't mean I'm not an animal lover. [...]

What I do hate is people taking their dogs for walks and letting the canine treat the world like a toilet. I believe in some countries, it is compulsory to clean up after your dog. (And you thought you owned the mutt?) [...]

If you can't, for heaven's sake, at least make sure he doesn't do his business in front of someone else's gate or on the road.

Now, if I catch someone doing this to me – and no, I'm not blaming the dog – I'm going to find out where he lives, scoop the poop and dump it right back in front of his gate. Let's see how he likes the front of his house turned into a doggie litter bowl. [...]

If you have a dog, you owe it to your neighbourhood not to turn the parks and streets into poop minefields. If you have a cat or six, get them a litter box and don't let them go wandering across someone else's porch, marking their territory. [...]

If you can't be responsible, try keeping fishes – they're absolutely no trouble to anyone. [...]
Basically, that's how I feel about the situation also. Without fail, there will be dog poo right in front of my house gate every morning, afternoon and evening. Yes, the dogs poop at various times of the day.

To be honest, it is only a few inconsiderate neighbours that you wish would learn to have some civic consciousness by not letting their dogs poop freely on the roads. And it is also these few neighbours that disregard the law and health issues by embracing open burning. You probably can see some sort of relation here now, no? If you can't, let me put it straight out to you. They are just plain inconsiderate.

If you intend to provide food, shelter and love for your dogs, the least you could do is toilet-train them to pee and poop at a certain location WITHIN your own compound, and not making a mess of other people's property. If you don't like cleaning up dog poo, do you really think others would love taking over that task for you?

We've been cleaning up other people's dog poo for years and years now. We've tried telling them indirectly. We've tried telling them directly! We've even come to a stage of trying to physically harm the dogs because the dogs have become so stubborn and accustomed to pooping at our doorstep, shooing them just doesn't work anymore. Still, the owners wouldn't care less. The owners do not bother to apologise. The owners wouldn't do anything about it.

Many times I've considered scooping the poo and presenting it back to the owners but I really doubt it would have any effect. I mean, if you hear your neighbours cursing everyday for having to clean up after your dog (and sometimes finding thier foot in a pile of fresh poo) and even seeing your neighbours labouriously cleaning up their driveways everyday because of your dog chose to release its bowels there, wouldn't you feel ashamed and do something to rectify the problem? Which considerate human being would still choose to ignore this situation even after being told face-to-face? I guess there are still Neanderthals living among us in this time and age.

We've even tried some "remedies" and so-called deterrents but they never seem to work. We've tried dispersing crushed moth balls but still the dogs came. We've tried dousing the driveway with kerosene (however dangerous that may sound) and still the dogs came. God knows we even tried diluted human pee and still the dogs came. I strongly believe that even if we would to put up barbwires at the driveway, the dogs will still come!

I really don't know how to solve this problem without straining relations with those neighbours but I guess it would be worth it if it meant we won't need to scoop dog poo anymore. I really do not blame the dogs. I mean, you can't blame them if their owners are such inconsiderate people, right?

Truth be told, I had many dogs once. But we never let them out to poop all over the road. We kept them in our compound. Some claim it cruel not allowing our dogs out from our compound but at least we don't create a mess for somebody else to clean up, no? What, it's wrong to be cruel to animals but it's alright to be cruel to your neighbours now?

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