Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Know KOMTAR Has Seen Better Days

You know KOMTAR has seen better days when even the most famous (and successful) fast food outlet in Malaysia decides to move one of its first Penang outlet (and for a long period its head office) out of KOMTAR.

KOMTAR McDonald's closure

KOMTAR McDonald's closure

For McDonald's to move out from your retail premises is as good as signing your death warrant. For an F&B outlet like McDonald's who usually won't bother opening a new outlet opposite an existing one and have no qualms opening three outlets within walking distance of each other at Gurney Drive, Penang (and probably more when new shopping complexes are developed in the next few years), it only shows how bad a condition KOMTAR is in.

Please excuse the language as I really don't know how to put it more subtly but seriously, KOMTAR is fucked!

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