Thursday, August 09, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

So, did any of you get JSYK withdrawal symptoms while I was gone? I guess this short one week hiatus is nothing compared to the recent one month "break". I had my reasons then but no point elaborating them now. I know it's too late and I'm sorry. :P

Anyway, it was an enjoyable trip - my three days in Kuala Lumpur. Did many things in just those few days. Met up with many people I've not seen for a long, long time. I was practically hopping from one place to another the past few days.

Like what my friends commented, I didn't look like someone about to attend an interview. I was more like someone having a holiday trip although it was much more hectic than my usual "routine" days. Aren't holidays suppose to be slow, enjoyable and pleasurable? :P

My friends and relatives think my visit is too short and persuaded me to stay a little longer. As much as I would like to have a longer break, I just couldn't. I've cancelled many classes just for those three days in KL and there's already a backlog of replacement classes. If I were to have additional days off, I would be overwhelmed when I got back. I will have to work more hours a week to clear the backlog and that wouldn't do any good to the extra days of holiday now would it?

I understand my relatives' intentions and I admit I didn't see them much in those three days although I lived with them all three days in KL and I feel bad about that but I feel some friends may just be a little selfish and too demanding.

Maybe to some, what I do is more flexible and they think it would be easy for me to just take an extra day or two off. In a way, that's true but I am responsible to my students too and they are no less important than your clients. I can't just simply move their classes around as I like, similarly you just can't reschedule your clients' appointments for no apparent reasons. In fact, you can take leave and just forget about that day whereas I have to replace any leave I take. You don't need to work on a Sunday or any of your rest days just to replace the work day you took leave but I have to.

This is exactly why I usually don't tell anyone I'm visiting. Some will feel obliged to play host and go all the way out to entertain you which is not what I'm looking for. I try my best not to trouble anyone if possible. I appreciate those who are able to find time from their tight schedules to meet me although it may just be their lunchtime but those who aren't able to, I don't feel any animosity towards them and I won't hold anything against them.

I understand everyone's time is precious but just don't put the blame on me for failing to meet up or make me feel as if my time is less precious compared to yours. That's just not cool. In fact, I had initially planned to just be in KL on Tuesday itself so I've actually added two more days to my trip just so I could meet-up with friends and relatives. Maybe I should have done what I usually do - don't inform anyone I will be in town.

Apart from this little episode, it was a pleasant trip although I had my usual falling-sick-in-KL episode. I always fall sick everytime I visit KL, I don't know why. It must be the air. :P The reason that episode left such a bad taste in the mouth is because it happened right at the end of my trip. Way to go for putting the icing on my KL trip. It's like pouring faeces all over your chendol instead of coconut milk.

Anyway, it's good to be back. There will probably be a few posts regarding my trip but please be patient as I put them into words. No pictures though. :P Thank you very much to everyone for making my trip to KL a memorable one. Thank you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank you for providing transport. Thank you for providing lodging. Most importantly, thank you for your time.


  1. hey vcd haram salesman, hope u r feeling better now since u are home!

  2. better yes, but still feeling tired from all the travelling, although it is only 3 days...

    you'll see why in some future posts regarding the trip...