Saturday, August 11, 2007

GiftWisdom - Collaborative Universal Gift Registry

I'm sure you've been in a position whereby you and a group of people planned to buy a gift for someone, be it a colleague, friend or relative, and found the task to be a little tedious. You can't agree on what to give. You find it hard to pool together the money. You wished there was a better way. Now there is.

GiftWisdom is a collaborative universal gift registry that does not just stop at putting wishes in one place but enables friends and family to come together by cash pooling to make meaningful gifting possible. It solves all those problems you previously had such as not having enough money, hard to collect money from others and unable to decide on the perfect gift. GiftWisdom has made the process that much easier.

You can create separate gift registries you think will be appropriate for different occasions so others will not purchase unsuitable gifts for you that you already have, you won't have any use for or have to exchange it at the store. Friends and relatives will be able to either purchase the products in your registry outright from the merchant, contribute fully for the purchase of the product or they can contribute to the pool if the price may be a little steep for you to contribute alone.

Featured merchants include Amazon, Macy's, Circuit City, Office Depot, Walmart, Target and Dell. The interface can be a little confusing and intimidating at first and I have no qualms mentioning it in this paid review. The registration is very straightforward however and after familiarising with the interface, you are well on your way. Non-tech savvy users may find it a little hard to use though. All in all, it's a novel concept and given time, it should garner enough support.

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