Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Interview

As indicated earlier, the reason I went down to KL earlier this month was to attend an interview and I've yet to write about the interview yet. Well, I guess it's time I do just that.

I was kinda surprised to receive a call just a week before the scheduled interview that I was shortlisted to attend the interview since I've not heard a word from them ever since I submitted my application, thinking my application was probably turned down or maybe stolen by some trolls along the way looking to add fibre to their diet.

When I reached the venue for the interview, I was soaking wet. You see, I was walking a few kilometres under the hot sun in a formal attire, carrying a backpack. Fortunately, I arrived much earlier than my designated interview slot and had time to fix myself in the bathroom.

When I got back to the waiting room, I realised that all of them looked so young. They looked as if they've just graduated from university and after glancing through the list of candidates, turns out I was right. I was the oldest bloke in the room, apart from the coordinator/facilitator from the organisation who was there to help answer any of our questions.

They seem a more confident and competent lot compared to the group of candidates in a previous interview I attended a few years ago. That means I'm up against a more competitive group of candidates this time around. In a way, it's good. At least I know that I'm grouped with people who are really good and qualified, and they're not just there to make up the numbers.

I was scheduled to be interviewed last. When it came to my turn, I found out that apparently they misunderstood my application. Just something technical really. I really don't understand how they could have misunderstood something as simple as that but it wasn't anything serious. Somehow though, I did have the feeling they were reconsidering since what they were ready to offer was a bit too little for what I needed.

The interview being on Tuesday, I thought there were a lot of candidates shortlisted and the interview was spread out between a few days. Turns out, there were only the ten of us shortlisted and they are looking for only ONE recipient. Needless to say, it's very challenging but I'm still hoping for the best.

Anyway, I received the results yesterday and I'm not the chosen one. I'm not overly disappointed though and the trip to KL was great albeit the bitter part at the end. At least I can look back and consider myself one of only ten among all those who applied from all over Malaysia to be shortlisted for the interview. Now that has to count for something, no? ;)


  1. sorry to hear that u didn't get it! :(

    there will be other opportunities for u.
    [but i am glad i don't have to say goodbye to u just yet...haha...selfish? sorry...] :P

  2. =.=

    well, let's hope the new interesting something that so happened to coincide with this news becomes favourable to me...and soon! ;)