Sunday, July 24, 2005

Terrorists Objective Achieved

Although the second attempt didn't yield any immediate casualties, it sure did achieve its ultimate objective: to ingrain terror and fear in the daily lives of not only Londoners but everyone on Earth. Although the London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair said his force deeply regret the death of a 27-year-old Brazilian man shot by officers in the search for terrorists behind four attempted bombings July 21, he could not make Londoners feel any easier about their safety after that unfortunate incident. He was of course right to defend the use of deadly force to stop a potential terrorist attack but the failed attack had a bigger effect compared to the first although that unfortunate man was the only 'casualty'. Everyone's more cautious now and living a different life compared to before. Although many would consider the 52 dead commuters as the successful terrorist attack, I believe the terrorists take the death of one innocent man as their crowning glory and proudly announces to the world: Objective Acheived.

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