Thursday, August 24, 2006

Burj Dubai - World Tallest In 2008

Just amazing! The Burj Dubai looks truly immaculate and something from a futuristic film. Looks like Dubai is seriously moving ahead by leaps and bounds. Look how tiny the Petronas Twin Towers and the Eiffel Tower are compared to the Burj Dubai! Click on the images to enlarge.


  1. what a waste of money if you ask me. what's the reason for building such a tower, ego? bragging rights? such projects do nothing for the average person and that's where the money should be spent

  2. United Arab Emirates, Dubai being the second largest emirate of this union, is now the richest country in the Muslim world. Rocketing oil prices may have helped UAE to obtain this status but they are spending that money to develop its infrastructure and diversify its economy.

    The standard of living there has improved tremendously. Since 1973, the UAE has undergone a profound transformation from an impoverished region of small desert principalities to a modern state with a high standard of living.

    The Burj Dubai will offer office space for aspiring multinationals to set up base, create jobs and ultimately benefit the average person you refer to. money will pour in to the services and tourism sectors among others when the Burj Dubai and other mega projects in Dubai are completed. I don't know about you but to me, this IS doing something for the average person.

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  3. hey, click on the first picture. does it say 'taipei' below the petronas twin towers? i'm kinda sure that's what i see.

    sorry if i made a mistake..i'm groggy. it's late and i can't sleep...keeping myself occupied.

  4. i guess it does! didn't bother to read the description of the petronas twin towers since i know where it is located and all that. :P

    i suppose it is a typo on their part.