Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Journal Marathon

I just don't know what got into me today. I was on a journal reading marathon! I just kept reading and reading and reading....article after article after article...all nine of them (halfway through the tenth now but I'm blogging this post at this moment when I should be finishing it! :P)...having gone through over 100 pages of texts, graphs, tables and data...all in slightly over six hours.

I was seriously lethargic when I went to campus this morning. All I wanted to do was get my work done and find a place to lie down or at least get some much needed shut-eye. However, that wasn't to be. I took out my collection of journal articles (I don't even dare to count how many of them are there) and started reading them. One after another I finished reading them and yearned for more. Although I did still feel tired, my enthusiasm overcame all that tiredness and I just kept digesting the facts printed in very small fonts on A4 paper so I can save the trees paper and ink. The last time I showed this much enthusiasm reading journal articles (and so many of them at once) was during the start of my final year as an undergraduate when I was preparing for my research.

I did try to set for myself a target of reading ten journal articles a day before this but just didn't get on to doing it. It felt like a Herculean effort at that time and still do. Maybe I can start with at least two to five articles a day and see how it goes from there. Doesn't seem much really after what I've done today. I should seriously put my foot down and make it a habit. The articles are just piling up week after week!

I think the workaholic me has decided to show up once again. Yesterday I scrutinised through ALL my previous research data and found some interesting results that I didn't manage to see before. And today I'm digging through journal articles. I think I'm liking every bit of it. Strange but true. I hope I can keep this going. I really need to keep this going. I have a whole lot more of journal articles that need my attention! :P


  1. woah, fabulous!

    ...all the best with your new resolve! hope u can read my journals for me too... :)

  2. i can read your journals but my brain doesn't have a usb drive to transfer all the stuff that i've gathered from the journals to you. :P