Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hard Rock Cafe Coming To Penang?

Have you guys heard? It seems like Hard Rock Cafe will be coming to Penang! Yeah, I know...OLD NEWS!!! But wait...have you heard of any news of it after that initial announcement? Zilch! Well, not like I'll be frequenting it often when it opens, it's good news indeed as it gives us Penangites another place to spend our hard-earned money. :P

Well, I think it's a good thing really but seriously, why all the way up in Batu Ferringhi? Are you just catering to the Ang Mohs (foreigners)? The choice of Casuarina Beach Resort would mean that it will be at nearly the very end of the chains of beach hotels located at the famous stretch of sandy beaches. With Mutiara Beach Resort now closed for renovation, Bayview Beach Resort (the neighbour of Casuarina Beach Resort) will be the last hotel at Batu Ferringhi. Do you know how far it is to travel from the other parts of the island especially when you have to maneuver through the winding roads of Batu Ferringhi?

Not to mention that there is practically only ONE way to reach the joint and if there were to be an occurrence of a landslide/road accident that render that road unusable, everyone is probably screwed. Seriously, who would want to use the Balik Pulau road and probably have to make a near all-island roadtrip just to get there? I would very much prefer it to be at Gurney Drive, Upper Penang Road, Tanjung Bungah or Tanjung Tokong. At least it will feel like 'part of the family' with other similar joints around. Yes it would probably be competition but you would probably benefit more from spillovers than competition. We are talking of Hard Rock Cafe here aren't we?

I'm not sure if they are seriously going to open an outlet here in Penang, wherever it ends up. Like I said, after the initial announcement, there has been no follow-up news at all. Anyway, you know how Hard Rock Cafe is famous for their merchandise...

Shirt my brother bought me from New Orleans before
Hurricane Katrina hit

...I'm looking forward to see this:

...before the famous and notorious pasar malam (night market) pirates come out with their own cheap versions of course. :P

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