Monday, August 14, 2006

What Prawn Is That YET Again?

If you recall not so long ago I wrote a piece about prawns and how The Star messed up the names and all. Well, they were at it again recently (this article is kinda old but it has been left unfinished and collecting dust, cobwebs and what-nots, calling out to me to finish it and here it is now :P).

Recently, the Metro North section did it again in this article. [PDF] (Note: Emphasis mine)

Breeding tilapia in old mining pool

AN ex-mining pool in Pantai Kamloon, Kepala Batas, will soon be turned into a major centre for caged freshwater tilapia breeding.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shariff Omar said about 200 cages would be installed there at the cost of RM1.2mil.

"We hope to release 400,000 tilapia fry into these cages and reap yields weighing 170 metric tonnes when the fish grow to adult size," he said,

He was speaking to reporters after releasing 100,000 udang galah (lobster) fry into the Prai River in Kampung Air Itam Dalam, Sungai Dua, recently.

He said the Penang Government had earmarked a 204ha piece of land for aquaculture activities in Penaga.

"The state Fisheries Department had recently released green mussel spats into the sea off Penaga as well as tiger prawn fry into a nearby river," he said.

Mohd Shariff said the release of udang galah fry into the Prai River were aimed at helping about 40 fishermen whose income had been affected by a flood mitigation project in the area.

"We have released 200,000 udang galah fry here and hope to release up to a million fry in a year's time.

"Each fry costs only six sen. But, the returns are lucrative as adult udang galah can fetch up to RM35 per kilo," he said.

People, people, people.....udang galah is NOT lobster. The lobster is actually called udang karang! Udang galah is the Malaysian Giant Freshwater Prawn!!! Is it that hard to check your facts first before publishing the article?!? Haven't heard of Google? If you put the lobster into the Prai river, they will all float to the surface of the water.....DEAD! Udang galah is a freshwater species (brackishwater during larvae stage) while the lobster is a marine species. Great difference!

I would like to point out however in some of their recent articles regarding aquaculture with the reference of udang galah, they did finally get it right. I just hope they keep it that way. Seriously, they should consider hiring a Scientific Editor to check their articles or at least check their facts first before publishing them. With so many reliable sites you can refer to on the internet, I do not see why the public is being misinformed through such poor standards of editing and journalism.

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