Monday, June 11, 2007

Maybank Does Not Want My Money

It's been a frustrating two weeks trying to make a deposit with the largest bank in Malaysia. It is as if Maybank does not want my money at all.

A few years back, you always hear of complaints that the largest bank in Malaysia was always out of money. Its ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) were always out of cash whenever you try to withdraw from one. Fortunately, they have the widest network of branches among all the banks, so you could actually drive around to a few branches to search for an ATM that had money. And when you do find one, you would most likely find a long queue at the ATM. You pray and hope (short of offering a sacrificial animal) that the ATM won't run out of money when it is your turn.

Fortunately, you don't see that happening anymore, at least not that often. Now, with CDMs (Cash Deposit Machines) catching up in popularity with ATMs, looks like CDMs are experiencing the same problems as its ATM siblings did not so long ago.

My every attempt for the past two weeks trying to find a CDM that would actually accept my money was extremely frustrating. Everytime I walked into a branch, the machines will flash "Out of Service" messages across their screens. Sometimes the ATMs were affected too. I was really close to getting paranoid, as if the machines has somewhat gone on strike against me. If that were to be true, I would seriously not know the reason why since I'm very delicate with the machines and I always know the right buttons to push. *ahem* ;)

Last Saturday's attempt at depositing cash with Maybank was my worst experience ever. I first tried the outlet at Jelutong. All CDMs were flashing "Out of Service" messages. Went to the branch opposite Penang Free School. The CDMs weren't functioning either. Drove to Pulau Tikus since there are two branches there, hoping real hard that at least one of them had a working CDM. No luck even at both branches.

Since I was heading to Upper Penang Road, I had the comforting thought that I could at least find ONE machine from any of the MANY branches in Georgetown that would actually want my money. However, I didn't want to waste more time and petrol jumping from one branch to another. I've spent over half an hour on what would usually be a simple task that would usually take no longer than a couple of minutes. It actually dawned upon me that the chances of me getting mugged was probably higher than finding a working Maybank CDM.

I drove straight to their main office at Union Street. There were many ATMs, CDMs, M&M's and a plethora of other M's for purposes such as updating your passbook, depositing cheques and whatnots, in a room larger than some people's flats. It was kinda like self-service banking heaven. However, they had only ONE functioning CDM and the queue was really long. I was praying hard that it wouldn't stop working when it was my turn and cursed myself for not having brought along a sacrificial animal to help my cause.

With the person right in front of me depositing huge stacks of RM50 notes, my hopes diminished slowly everytime the machine counted his notes. Please don't fill up the machine. Do leave some space for my few measly notes. I was sweating even in the insanely cold room. I really don't understand why they need to have so many air-conditioning outlets in there when the room is most of the time empty especially after office hours.

Fortunately, I successfully deposited my money after visiting the fifth branch and over an hour lost. Finally Maybank accepted my money, but only after pissing me off for the umpteenth time and having stolen so much of my precious time (and petrol). Maybank really has to work on keeping their machines online and/or ensuring their machines don't fill up with cash (CDM) or run out of cash (ATM). Maybe they should introduce more machines that will do both receiving and dispensing cash. At least that will ensure the likelihood of the machine running out of cash or filling up to be much less since both tasks will balance each other out.

I really do hope my next experience won't be as excruciating as what I've gone through the past two weeks.


  1. gosh...sorry to hear your plight. maybe u should try out voodoo on the maybank manager or something. spare the animals.

    (i already know what to get u for your birthday...voodoo book...haha)

  2. =.=

    if only voodoo works on machines too! :P