Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All Good Things Must Come To An End

And fortunately bad things too. The season finales of some top-rated shows lined up one after another last month. It was a bitter sweet season for the few series I religiously follow. Some really surprised me with how the season panned out.

30 Rock

A new series I started following was 30 Rock. It's an amazingly hilarious and witty show, and the perfect substitute for Joey which was canceled due to low ratings. It's actually quite a different show from Joey. Joey's the 'lawak bodoh' type of comedy while 30 Rock is the intellectual, witty and in-your-face type of comedy, and I very much prefer the latter. The show is filled with sarcasm and I just love it. I used to be the master of sarcasm, I was told. ;)

Desperate Housewives

After Joey was discontinued and before I discovered 30 Rock, the only show I could rely on to provide generous doses of endorphins was Desperate Housewives. Watching the clumsy nature of Susan and witty comebacks of Gabrielle will always put a smile on my face however horrible I feel before watching the show. This is actually the only reason why I'm still watchinging Desperate Housewives after all the mysteries and intrigue wore off after the first two seasons.

Of course there's the eye candy to feast on but my grouse is they always add new hot male characters and fail to do the same for the benefit of the male audience. When will there be new hot chicks? Gabrielle may be hot but we just want more!

I also like how there's some kind of closure and you seem to be able to learn something from each episode. Will I continue watching season four of Desperate Housewives? Yes, even if it's only to watch Susan mess things up again and again or Gabrielle go on one of her tirades. Oh, and what is this about Lynette getting cancer?!? Hasn't she got enough on her plate already? God, please give her a break already!


Heroes is another new series I started watching. To me, it's a little bit like X-Men and we all just love X-Men or at least the thought that we may have some special abilities, no? The series may be the best rated new series but I don't think it's anything to do with the plot. They don't have the best writers who can really keep you at the edge of your seats. The enigma of the show existed before the show even started and they didn't exactly add any new and interesting plots or bits and pieces that makes you go "WTF?!?" or "Huh?!?". To me, a good series must have loads of that. Heroes is more like taking a ride on a slow midnight train rather than a roller-coaster.

I believe most people watched the series only to see the antics of Hiro Nakamura. I know I did. Didn't like the season finale though. Seems like the writers were trying to tie up too many loose ends. Everything was kinda rushed in this episode when throughout the whole season, we were moving along slowly. It's as if the train started to pick up speed upon seeing its destination. Too much closure. Looking forward to seeing new characters with new abilities and also the ever so likeable Hiro in the next season of Heroes. Yatta!


24 is a series I like very, very, very much. Day 5 was the best season of 24 ever and Day 6 had some high expectations to meet right from the very beginning. They took a different approach for Day 6. They took a gamble. And it didn't pay off. It was quite a depressing season and it was very hard to swallow. It started off well but most of the excitement wore off after the opening week. Halfway through the season, it was as good as watching milk curdle. They have to stop using Los Angeles as the target city. What's so great about LA that terrorists want to target it time after time? It doesn't make sense anymore.

The producers and writers are noticing the negative feedbacks for Day 6 and are working on making changes to the show to ensure Day 7 will not crash and burn like Day 6. Please bring back the true magic of 24 - the intrigue, the excitement, the uncertainty, the adrenaline-pumping action, insubordination, treachery, underhandedness and all that we love about 24. Keep the love scenes to a minimum, please. They were really getting in the way of all that testosterone-filled action. Watching Milo trying so hard to kiss Nadia was the most awkward moment on television ever! *vomits*


So basically, a lot of the series have disappointed so far especially their season finales. Except one. Lost. Surprising as it may sound, Lost had the best ending for this season. True, the series became draggy midway of season 2 and it continued on in season 3. I continue watching it just to know how the story pans out eventually. Definitely not for any entertainment value. All of the novelty of watching Lost was lost (no pun intended) after the first season.

All that took a change for the better somewhere in the middle of this season. More twists and turns were added in the storyline. More "WTF?!?" and "Huh?!?" sprinkled here and there, and we all know how much I love those two. With each passing episode, the show was getting better. It was as if they put in new writers with fresh ideas to bring Lost back to life. And it all climaxed during the season finale. The season finale leaves you with the biggest "WTF?!?" and "Huh?!?" ever in the history of television and what a way to end the season and pave the way for season 4. They are promising each episode from now on to have a purpose in finally bringing Lost to a close. No more filler episodes. However, the 24 remaining episodes will be spread out into THREE more seasons, eight each season. *faints*

I'm behind on series such as Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break but I'm working on rectifying that situation soon enough. Grey's Anatomy I like. A LOT. Prison Break however, still much to be desired. I still don't find the show as griping as some claim it to be. As soon as they toss a twist in the plot that makes you go "WTF?!?", they take all the magic out by revealing things too quickly and taking the wind out from the sails. What's all that about? Bad writing, I would say. Maybe the later episodes would help change my mind? I'm not so confident at this moment in time but who knows?


  1. i finally found the courage to read your post.

    *i didn't read the LOST zone though...

  2. told you there's no spoiler! :P

    so when are you gonna finish watching LOST?!?