Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You Know Britain's Got Talent

You know Britain's got talent when a mobile phone salesman can sing opera like he's been doing it professionally all his life...

...and a six year old girl can melt your hearts and make your eyes all watery just listening to her innocent voice.

I enjoyed watching this show very much. It is way better than American Idol or anything like that. I really take my comments back regarding British shows being a tad boring compared to their American counterparts. This show was just fantastic!

A different format from the rest, this show was aired every night for a week instead of only one or two episodes per week. This really kept the momentum going and the interest growing. Of course YouTube was a big factor in making this such a phenomenal success. One of Connie Talbot's audition video alone has been viewed over two million times, favourited over 12000 times and received over 8000 comments in just over a week!

It was a refreshing change really. If American Idol depended on controversies, hype and drama to push ratings up, ITV's Britain's Got Talent focused solely on the talents of the contestants. The judges kept to their jobs. There wasn't any hanky-panky going around or judges who don't know how to give comments *cough* Paula Abdul *cough*. Even when Simon Cowell gives a negative feedback, there were no boos from the audience, just the occasional "awwws". That's what I call being civilised.

The hosts of the show were simply awesome. I would watch the show even if it was just the two of them. They are really entertaining to watch. No wonder Ant and Dec have been performing together since they were thirteen! Definitely way better than Ryan Seacrest, no doubt about it. They really gave the show that little extra spice.

Congratulations to Paul Potts on winning the first ever Britain's Got Talent. It has always been between him and Connie Talbot. She's just so adorable and sweet. She's mighty brave too being able to sing on stage in front of a live audience THREE times within a few days. If I were her age and thrown on stage in front of a live audience for any reason whatsoever, I would probably have pooped in my pants. Honest to God, cross my heart and hope to die.

I'm really glad both Paul and Connie has received recording contracts for their obvious talents. They utterly deserve it. I'm eagerly waiting for the release of their debut albums. I'm sure they will sell like hot cakes!


  1. Ant and Dec! Gee... it's been a while.

  2. oh man, now i know who won the show :( so far i have only watched the first episode and totally agree with you that it has a better flavour compared to their american counterpart

    p/s: you look familiar. were you from pfs ? prefect ?

  3. yes to both your questions. and you are.......

  4. probably you wouldn't know me :) i was one of the juniors when you were prefect.

    i remember you have a distinctive salute while you were in 8gts :)

  5. gosh! you also know i'm from 8gts. what am i talking about...you even noticed i had a distinctive salute! (did i?!?) argghhh! stalker!!!

    lolz...actually, i get this quite often. i guess i might have been nasty enough to have left a lasting impression on so many people. hahahaha.... :P

  6. -_-" i am not a stalker ler

    i was from 7gts, btw

    nice blog ;)

  7. haha...i was just pulling your leg there. it's always nice to meet old frees... :)

    thanks for the compliment, your blog is interesting too. :)