Friday, June 15, 2007

A Return To The Movies

My last visit to a cinema - Alexander (December 2004). Fast forward to May 2007 - the dry spell ends.

It has been a long time. Way too long, some would say. Close to 30 months, actually. During the dry spell, I got my movie fix from the Astro Movie Package, DVDs and downloads from the internet. Reasons I decided not to watch a movie in a cinema:
  • screaming/crying children
  • people talking on their phones
  • people asking questions/talking too loud
  • sick people coughing throughout the movie
  • people getting up to go to the toilet
  • munching/slurping their food/drinks too loudly
  • cut scenes that kinda makes you feel you travelled forward in time
  • annoying subtitles
  • long advertisements at the beginning
  • people who don't know when to laugh
  • too cold cinemas
  • too warm cinemas
  • too small seats for too expensive prices
  • time constraint
  • and so on, and so forth...
So what made me change my mind then? I've been wanting to experience the big screen feeling again for awhile now but just didn't get to doing it. This time however, I took the plunge, cleared my schedule, coughed up the dough and never looked back. I've watched my fourth movie since then.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End was the movie that broke my barren spell. I just had to see Captain Jack Sparrow and of course the company I was watching with was not that bad also. In truth, that was the only reason why I watched the movie. His antics will tickle you silly. The movie however wasn't that great. If not for Johnny Depp and his magnificent acting abilities, the show would have been more painful than watching paint dry.

Spiderman 3

My second movie was the very day after - Spiderman 3. A midnight movie just before a night hike to Pantai Kerachut. A whole lot better than Pirates of the Caribbean 3 although I still don't understand how some could actually cry watching the movie. Yes, there are some touching scenes but nothing emotional enough to get the waterworks flowing. The Spiderman franchise is improving with every installment and that is good news indeed. True, the storyline of the movie is different from that of the comic but I guess it is understandable that you can't expect them to follow every single bit of it, can you? Wonder which villains will be featured in Spiderman 4?

Shrek the Third

Shrek the Third was next in line. You can see by now a pattern developing, no? The movies I watched were the third installment of each franchise. I wasn't too pleased with Shrek the Third though. It was just over an hour long but fortunately, I paid only RM5 for my ticket. If not, I would have thrown a fit! I went for Shrek to have a good laugh and I did get a healthy dose of it but the storyline is a bit flat. I heard there's a Shrek 4 and 5 in the pipeline! I shudder at the thought of that!!! Can they really squeeze anymore plots out of this franchise? A prequel?!? Oh boy...

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

And finally, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer last night. The Silver Surfer is one character I was very fascinated with when I was reading comics years back. It oozes class and enigma all over. I caught the first Fantastic Four movie on a bus from Penang to Singapore. I fell asleep watching it and was totally relieved I didn't pay to watch it at the cinema. It wasn't that good. The Rise of the Silver Surfer however is way better. This is one show really worth watching. Of course, being able to watch Jessica Alba always helps. ;)

The audience nowadays are quite different from yesteryears. They seem quite civil nowadays, at least to all the movies I've gone to so far. The advertisements at the beginning of the show has become longer however. It is about 20 minutes now! That's seriously a huge chunk of advertisements to sit through. At least the trailers nowadays are more interesting than previously.

Subtitles really gets to me. Most of the time, the subtitles are not right and are way too intrusive. Maybe someone could invent some special lens that you could choose your preferred subtitle and only you alone will be able to see it through the special lens. At least when you need subtitles, you have a chance to understand the show. And when you don't need subtitles, you get to enjoy the movie without intrusive words and letterings ever changing at the bottom of your screen (or sometimes somewhere else).

All in all, the experience has very much changed since I watched a movie at a cinema many years ago. That will probably keep me watching more movies at the cinema for awhile more, especially when Transformers and Harry Porter and the Order of the Phoenix are coming up really soon. :)

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