Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jit Shiong Wanna Be A Model

This post is in support of my friend's bid to be a model through 8TV's I Wanna Be A Model Season 2.

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He is currently in the Grand Finale of 8TV's Chinese reality TV show that airs on Sundays, 7pm. He's up against Michael in this final round and stands to win a modelling contract if he wins. I've always said he has what it takes to be a model and now that will become a reality. Just based on the final photo shoot, I'll say Jit Shiong will win hands down but it doesn't hurt to ensure his landslide win by voting for him, no? ;)

If you would like to get to know him better, you can read his blog (that has not been updated for ages) or visit his Friendster profile. If you would like to vote for him, type VOTE JIT and send it to 36677 now (and continuously until 28th October 2007)!

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  1. sorry to intrude but since you are a penangite, i am seeking your kind assistance to help us publcise this event in your blog. either you blog about it (copy the part from ‘event, date’ ) or just put link to the post that i blog about the event (link as above).

    best is hopefully YOU can attend!