Tuesday, October 02, 2007

NFL Uniforms As Halloween Costumes And Pajamas?

With Halloween just around the corner, have you decided on your Halloween costumes yet? Well, here's an idea for you. How about NFL Uniforms from Franklin Sports? They apparently make good pajamas too!

I don't know about you but seriously, I've definitely not heard about NFL Uniforms being used as Halloween costumes. Isn't Halloween suppose to be scary or something? I just don't see anything scary about NFL Uniforms. A life threatening football injury, yes. But aren't NFL Uniforms meant to protect you exactly from that? Pajamas I can still understand. People wear practically anything (and nothing) as pajamas although I wouldn't wear the football helmet and protective pads to bed for obvious reasons.

Truth be told, the uniforms sold at Franklin Sports are not meant to be worn during a competitive match but more for recreational purposes, thus suitable as gifts for Halloween or any other holidays for that matter. You can pick from a variety of football teams of your liking and even iron on numbers of your favourite players. Well, it would probably be advisable to iron on the number of your kid's favourite player instead of yours.

There's just so much that a paid review can tell you so I would recommend you to browse through the site yourself and see what they have to offer. They have a variety of selections on offer for your four to ten year olds and all orders are shipped within three days. Do give the site a visit.

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