Friday, October 05, 2007

Why I Want To Eat At Friday's

First of all, who doesn't? Everyone will pawn off their first-born in a second if that could ever get them to dine at TGI Friday's. OK, I was just kidding there. Don't go dragging your child to the nearest pawnshop now. Seriously! Put your child down now and nobody gets hurt. Slowly now. Slowly. Slowly. Slap! What kind of parent are you, trying to pawn off your child for a piece of meat! Go sit in a corner and think over what you've just tried to do. The things people will do for a dining experience at TGIF. *shakes head*

Where were we? Oh yes, why I want to eat at Friday's. Ever since the opening of the Penang outlet at Queensbay Mall towards the end of last year, I've been yearning for the chance to dine at this place. So, what's so special about this place? I don't know, maybe you should ask the people that queue up for an hour or so just to get a table? Also, don't forget the ridiculous amount of money they have to part with on top of all that waiting. Crazy don't you think? I'll probably faint from hunger if not from seeing the bill but they tell me it's definitely worth the wait and every sen that came out of their pockets.

Wait a minute. Were their food/drinks drugged or something? How could kiam siap (cheapskate) Penangites even consider paying so much for their food and not have anything to complain about? Hmm, maybe the waiters and waitresses double up as hypnotists and put you in a trance after you've paid the bill and about to leave the premises. Yes, that has to be it. There's no way Penangites are so generous with their praise and hard earned money. Unless...unless it's really that good?!?

So here I am, after saving enough money (and constantly envious of those who were fortunate to have dined at TGIF), I've enough money and the right occasion to taste the food and atmosphere at TGIF - my mom's birthday at the end of the month. I even cashed out my paltry earnings with Nuffnang to ensure I have enough to cover for the bill. To rub salt on my already gangrenous wounds, the good people at Nuffnang saw it necessary to tax RM1 from my earnings, dubiously referred to as a transaction fee. Great, one less teh tarik at the mamak stall. Hopefully the cheque will come in time or I may end up washing dishes at TGIF for the next fortnight to pay off my debt.

Sorry to have digressed. You see, I get easily distracted when it comes to money especially when it involves money taken from me unexpectedly. Yes, money trumps food anytime. You can't get good food without money. No money, no TGIF. No TGIF, no good food. No good food, me no happy. But all of that is about to change (hopefully). *fingers and toes crossed*

The good people at TGIF (through good people at Nuffnang) have decided to sponsor 50 lucky souls for a dinner treat at TGIF. Without a doubt, I do hope to be one of those selected. Best of all, you get to bring a friend or even your family along! Wouldn't it be great if I were to be one of the lucky bastards and I could celebrate my mom's birthday there and I get to keep that money I've put aside to get myself an iPod for a rainy day? (Even better if I won the grand prize!) I hear they make a great place for birthday celebrations but I doubt they will announce the winners by my mom's birthday come the end of the month. Fret not, my birthday is only two weeks later so it's still ok, I can still find a use for it then. *wink wink*

So that's about it. Have I convinced you why I want to eat at Friday's yet? Maybe I should put the ten reasons I want to eat at Friday's (and deserve the treat) in a list for easier reading.
  1. I've not been to ANY Friday's outlet EVER, even when my friend had TWO free Sizzling Fajita meals (that selfish bastard).
  2. I want to celebrate my mom's birthday at THE most happening place to celebrate a birthday but I'm dead broke. Nuffnang made me poorer by RM1. *sob*
  3. Bottomless drinks! We Malaysians just love to abuse free refills, don't we? Admit it!
  4. Mocha Mud Pie to die for, so they tell me.
  5. Alcoholic beverages!!! Yes, it's a bar too! Yam Seng!
  6. To be in a position to laugh at the losers who have not been to Friday's like how I've been laughed at all these while. Power. Ultimate power! Muahahahaha....
  7. Erm, erm....I really, really, really love TGI Friday's and Nuffnang?!? (shameless ass-kissing...tsk-tsk)
Did I say ten? OK fine, I lied. I only had six. Give me the dinner treat and I'll give you the rest after having a jolly good time at Friday's. Deal? ;)

And that wasn't a request!!!

(Shoot. I don't think they bought that act. I knew I should have added some pictures. Damn! Where's a first-born when you need one. *runs off to fornicate*)

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