Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bus Crash No More

Human nature is really a funny thing. We only react to something when we or someone close to us are directly affected by that very something. The most we would do is discuss it over a cup of teh tarik with our friends or relatives and we would have moved on to the next hot topic that comes by. I've very much guilty of this character flaw too.

However, such stories should never have even been made into a topic of discussion. It should never had happened in the first place. It is really high time that something is done to the insanely high occurrence of bus crashes in Malaysia which have claimed hundreds if not thousands of lives thus far.

I've my share of stories regarding bus drivers from hell but none as famous as the Konsortium bus driver who verbally (and very nearly physically) abused his passengers. I rely heavily on express buses to travel around as do my mother and brothers. Others like us would admit in an instance that fear creeps in whenever anyone of us boards an express bus. The risk is just too high but we've no choice but to take the risk by taking a ride on the buses.

My friends who knew one of the victims of the recent Slim River bus crash, prodigious child Lee Nian Ning, created a blog and started an online petition for the very purpose of ending this mayhem. Please lend your support towards the eradication of reckless bus drivers and non-roadworthy buses from Malaysian roads. Enough lives have perished. The madness must stop now.

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