Friday, January 04, 2008

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Welcome to a brand new year! Can you feel the freshness of 2008 or is the stench of 2007 still lingering around? Truth be told, 2007 wasn't that bad a year for me but of course it had its ups and downs. Fortunately, there were more ups than downs.

Instead of dwelling on the past, let's forge forward to a brand new beginning. A month's time from now, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year and I just can't wait. When Chinese New Year comes along, another special day follows closely behind - Valentine's Day.

When Valentine's Day comes along, the prices of flowers especially roses will magically increase astronomically. Buying a single stalk of rose at this time of the year is already crazy enough, what more a bouquet? Strangely enough, there will still be lots of people queuing up to part with their hard-earned money on them. Die-hard romantics.

Whatever you think of to make your Valentine's Day a little different or special like resorting to chocolates, self-made cards, mixed tapes or home-cooked meals, nothing can replace the meaning a bouquet or even a stalk of rose brings.

Did you know that different colours of roses have different meanings? Red is for romance, yellow is for friendship, white is for innocence/purity and pink is for appreciation. Do choose the colours of your roses correctly to convey the desired message.

One place you can go for all your flower needs is which has quite an extensive collection to choose from at reasonable prices. Instead of just trusting a paid review wholeheartedly, browse through the site yourself to see what they have to offer. It's never too early to plan for that special day in February. ;)

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