Wednesday, January 30, 2008

With You

by Chris Brown

"With You" music video by Chris Brown

Just can't get this song out of my head at the moment! A really lovely song from the one they call the next Michael Jackson (as in dancing phenomenon MJ rather than Wacko Jacko MJ). This fellow can really dance. It's such a waste he was only in the movie "Stomp The Yard" at the beginning before his character got killed so soon into the movie. Even with that cameo appearance, he showed some really nice moves that was simply mind-boggling. Just look at him work his legs and body! Just amazing. If the moves in the music video is not enough fodder for you, sample a scene from his debut movie.

He really has a good voice too apart from good rhythm and good moves. A few of his songs are doing pretty well at the moment. I'm coming to enjoy his work alot. Excuse me as I sample more of his music and dance moves.

1 comment:

  1. agreed, chris brown has some catchy tunes [and cute too]. nice song.

    the joker's no more :(